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Education Travel

Embark on a transformative academic journey with RDA Tourism, your gateway to excellence abroad. We specialize in seamlessly integrating tailored travel experiences for students aspiring to pursue international education. Beyond the classroom, our mission is to enrich your education by blending travel with academic pursuits. From cultural exploration to community engagement, each journey contributes to your holistic growth. Choose RDA Tourism for a unique blend of education and exploration, where every destination becomes a classroom fostering academic excellence.



“RDA Tourism excels in guiding Indian students through extraordinary study abroad experiences. Our expertise is your assurance for a seamless academic journey. With a dedicated team, we simplify the complexities of international education, ensuring a personalized approach that aligns with your aspirations. From admissions to cultural transitions, we stand as your steadfast support, committed to transforming educational dreams into global achievements. Choose RDA Tourism for a study abroad adventure that combines expertise, excellence, and personal growth.”

Top Courses for Education in Abroad

“Unlock world-class education abroad. Discover your path to global excellence.”

Engineering and Technology

Innovations shaping the future. From AI to sustainable design, a dynamic field driving progress and solving global challenges.

Business and Management

Navigating the corporate landscape. Strategic planning, leadership, and innovation drive success in a dynamic global marketplace.

Science and Technology​

Catalysts of progress. From ground-breaking discoveries to technological advancements, unlocking the secrets of the universe and improving our lives.

Healthcare and Medicine

A lifeline of compassion and innovation. From curing diseases to promoting well-being, a dynamic field dedicated to enhancing human health.

Finance and Economics

Driving global economies. Financial strategies, market dynamics, and economic principles shaping the financial landscape and business decisions.

Social Sciences

Unraveling human behavior and society. Sociology, psychology, and anthropology explore the intricacies of culture, relationships, and societal dynamics.

Environmental Sciences

Guardians of the planet. Studying ecosystems, climate, and sustainability to address environmental challenges and promote a harmonious coexistence.

Information Technology

Powering the digital age. Coding, cybersecurity, and innovation converge to shape a connected world and revolutionize how we live and work.

Popular Destinations for STUDYING ABROAD


Premier destination for international education. Renowned universities, diverse cultures, and cutting-edge research opportunities. Unleash your potential in the land of innovation.


Academic excellence in historic settings. Top-notch universities, cultural richness, and a global perspective. Immerse yourself in a dynamic education landscape in the United Kingdom.


Where education meets natural wonders. Internationally acclaimed universities, welcoming communities, and a high quality of life. Embark on a transformative academic journey.


A haven for education and adventure. World-class universities, diverse landscapes, and a laid-back lifestyle. Discover academic excellence and the beauty of Down Under.


Innovation meets tradition in higher education. Renowned for engineering, technology, and tuition-free education. Immerse yourself in a culture of excellence and exploration.


A global education hub. Leading universities, cultural diversity, and a thriving city-state atmosphere. Unleash your potential in a dynamic and cosmopolitan learning environment.


Where education meets art de vivre. Prestigious universities, cultural richness, and culinary delights. Immerse yourself in academic excellence and the enchanting French way of life.


Embrace innovation in an open-minded society. Renowned for research, English-taught programs, and a bike-friendly culture. Experience academic excellence in the heart of Europe.


A haven for innovation and equality in education. Top-ranked universities, stunning landscapes, and a progressive society. Immerse yourself in a unique blend of academic excellence and Scandinavian charm.


Education amidst natural wonders. Globally recognized universities, outdoor adventures, and a welcoming Kiwi culture. Elevate your academic journey in the Land of the Long White Cloud.


“Elevate your educational journey with RDA Tourism, providing personalized services for a seamless experience in India. Meticulously plan and organize your academic pursuits at the institution of your choice.”

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