Medical Tourism

Medical Travel

“At RDA Tourism, we redefine medical travel by seamlessly intertwining top-tier healthcare with transformative journeys. Our commitment to clear communication, cultural respect, and collaborative excellence ensures a harmonious experience. We go above and beyond, offering Local Support and Language Assistance to elevate comfort throughout our patients’ medical travel. Join us on a unique odyssey where healthcare meets seamless, impressive experiences.”

Medical Expertise


“Empowering healthcare through strategic partnerships, we collaborate with cutting-edge hospitals and multi-super specialty healthcare centers, leveraging revolutionary technology to deliver unparalleled services. Our network boasts specialists certified by prestigious medical institutions, bringing profound experience in catering to international patients. This expertise forms the backbone of our commitment to providing customized and comprehensive medical travel services.”



Bariatric solutions for a healthier you. Our comprehensive approach to weight management includes surgery, lifestyle guidance, and ongoing support. Transform your life with our personalized care and expertise.


Leading-edge cardiology care tailored for you. Our expert team ensures heart health with advanced diagnostics, personalized treatment plans, and compassionate support. Experience excellence in cardiac care with us.


Elevate your digestive health with our specialized gastroenterology services. From advanced diagnostics to tailored treatment plans, our expert team is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for your well-being.


Smile confidently with our exceptional dental care. From routine check-ups to advanced procedures, our skilled team prioritizes your oral health. Experience personalized dentistry for a brighter, healthier smile.

Minimal Invasive Surgery

Discover the future of surgery with our minimally invasive procedures. Combining precision and innovation, we prioritize your well-being, ensuring quicker recovery and minimal discomfort. Experience surgery redefined for a healthier tomorrow.

Neuro and Spine Surgery

Precision meets expertise in Neuro & Spine Surgery. Our specialized team employs cutting-edge techniques for personalized care, ensuring optimal outcomes in neurological and spinal health. Trust us for advanced solutions tailored to your well-being.


Elevate urological wellness with our specialized care. From preventive measures to advanced treatments, our dedicated team ensures personalized solutions for your urological health. Experience excellence in urology for a healthier life.


Our ophthalmology services offer advanced eye care solutions, from routine exams to intricate surgeries. Experience precision and compassion for your vision health with our expert team.


Empowering cancer care with compassion and innovation. Our comprehensive approach combines cutting-edge treatments, personalized care plans, and unwavering support. Join us in the fight against cancer, where hope meets healing.

Cosmetic Surgery

Enhance your natural beauty with our expert cosmetic surgery. Our skilled surgeons provide personalized and transformative procedures, ensuring your confidence and well-being. Experience the artistry of aesthetic enhancements with us.


Elevate your ear, nose, and throat health with our specialized ENT care. From comprehensive diagnostics to advanced treatments, our expert team ensures personalized solutions for your well-being. Experience excellence in ENT care with us.


Unlock the path to parenthood with our specialized infertility care. Our compassionate team employs advanced techniques, personalized treatment plans, and unwavering support to guide you on your fertility journey.

Multi Organ Transplant

Transforming lives through multi-organ transplant excellence. Our dedicated team ensures cutting-edge surgical expertise, comprehensive pre-and post-operative care, and unwavering support.

Stem Cells

Unlock the potential of regenerative medicine with our stem cell therapies. Harnessing the power of your body's own healing mechanisms, our expert team offers innovative treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Orthopedics Surgery

Revitalize your mobility with our advanced orthopedics surgery. Our skilled surgeons specialize in personalized treatments, from joint replacements to sports injuries, ensuring optimal function and recovery.


Elevate your medical journey with RDA Tourism, offering personalized services for a stress-free experience in India. Meticulously plan and organize your medical procedures at the hospital of your choice.

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