MEXICO / 06 Day Itinerary


Destination: Mexico

Cancun isn’t just for spring breakers seeking wild adventures. If that’s not your vibe, steer clear during peak season. Beyond the parties, Cancun boasts stunning Caribbean seas and pristine beaches, making it the perfect kickoff point for our journey, conveniently close to the airport. Upon your arrival, we’ll whisk you to your hotel to start the adventure right. Are you keen to dive into local culture? Hit Market 28, Plaza Las Americas, and Puerto Cancún for an authentic shopping spree featuring countless Mexican fashion and accessory shops. As the day winds down, join us for a welcome dinner. It’s your chance to bond with your new travel buddies, the TruFam, over dinner and beers (or ‘Cervezas’ for the more cosmopolitan among us) by the poolside or beachfront. Cheers to the beginning of an unforgettable trip!

Fresh off a lively night and a lengthy flight, you need some downtime. Look no further than the enchanting Isla Holbox. This slice of heaven boasts pristine beaches, a car-free environment, vibrant beach bars with live tunes, and a total absence of stress. Dive into the tropical waters to meet the marine life or lounge in a sea hammock for peak relaxation. Yes, it’s as idyllic as it sounds – paradise defined. You’ll likely find us swaying in those hammocks, embodying the essence of relaxation (pun intended). Embrace the tranquillity and recharge; our Yucatan adventure is set to continue tomorrow!

Embark on an adventure to three stunning destinations on our island boat tour. First stop: Bird Island, a sanctuary for unique avian species. Then, dive into the mesmerizing “Eye Of The Water” cenote, nestled amidst mangroves. Lastly, discover Passion Island, where vibrant pink flamingos roam freely. Capture unforgettable moments and embrace being unique amidst the ordinary. Afterwards, relax on the boat with your favourite drink and perhaps witness a breathtaking sunset or the enchanting bioluminescence of the ocean at night. Experience pure magic with us!

Off to the Mayan marvel, Chichen Itza! Leaving Holbox bright and early to explore this wonder. A guided tour awaits to unveil the ancient Mayan history. Next stop: Cenote Yokdzonot for a refreshing swim in its azure waters. After splashing and marvelling, we bid farewell and headed to Merida. An evening stroll awaits to discover the charms of this vibrant city. Welcome to Merida!

Embark on a thrilling adventure just outside Merida! Pedal through three breathtaking cenotes, pausing for a delightful lunch en route. Back in Merida, relax before an evening filled with culinary delights, tequila, and mescal tasting. Don’t miss out on experiencing the flavours of Mexico! Cap off the night with salsa dancing at a lively bar with live music. Get ready for a memorable Mexican fiesta!

Embark on a journey to Bacalar! Bid farewell to Merida as we venture towards Bacalar, reaching our destination by early afternoon. Explore the stunning Bacalar Lagoon, renowned for its crystal-clear blue waters. Whether you prefer relaxing on the sand, kayaking or paddleboarding, or simply taking a refreshing dip, the choice is yours! As evening descends, we’ll gather by the water’s edge to witness a breathtaking sunset, perhaps accompanied by a few optional beers. It’s the perfect finale to a memorable day!

Discover the enchantment of the 7 Colour Lagoon! Its mesmerizing hues, ranging from turquoise to deep indigo, result from the clear waters and white sandy bottom. Join us for a refreshing dip, stunning photo ops, and a delicious lunch stop on this unforgettable adventure!

You are heading to Tulum, the epitome of chic coastal vibes! Spend your day strolling through the town or lounging on pristine beaches. Later, join the TruFam for dinner and drinks in town. Cheers to a perfect getaway!

Embarking on our morning adventure, we journeyed to the ancient Tulum ruins along the Riviera Maya. Picture-perfect, with azure seas and pristine sands as the backdrop, it’s an unparalleled experience begging to be captured by your cameras. After soaking in the awe-inspiring view, we descend to the beach for a refreshing swim and perhaps indulge in a cocktail or two at a chic beach lounge. It’s the epitome of the good life.

Welcome to Playa Del Carmen, where stunning lagoons meet amazing beaches! Dive into shopping for souvenirs or unwind on the shore for that coveted summer glow. As the day winds down, join us for a farewell dinner and drinks in this vibrant town. Let’s make memories, whether explicit or a bit hazy, from those tequila sunrises – no judgments here!

EXPLORE & ENJOY Can you believe it’s already day 11? Time flies when you’re having a blast! It’s been an incredible journey filled with lifelong memories and unique friends. While it’s sad to bid farewell, remember you’re always welcome back. Whether your adventures continue or you’re heading home, our TruNinjas are here to assist. Keep the spirit alive, TruFam!

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