Amsterdam & Rotterdam

Amsterdam & Rotterdam

 Day 01: Arrival: – Departure: 17:00
Embark on our thrilling Rhine cruise departing from here, bound for either the northern or southern Rhine. Don’t overlook the chance to discover this cathedral city’s abundant landmarks and allure. Arriving a day before your cruise allows for relaxation or an extended Cologne exploration post-cruise.

Day 02: Arrival: 1:00 PM
Departure: – Amsterdam boasts a rich tapestry of contrasts – blending antiquity with contemporary flair, tranquility with vibrancy, and artistic charm with commercial vitality. With a staggering 7,500 listed structures, it holds the nation’s densest collection of historical landmarks. When your Rhine voyage docks in Amsterdam, prepare to uncover a slice of history at every turn.

Day 03: Arrival: – Departure: 16:00
Amsterdam captivates with its eclectic blend of old-world charm and contemporary vibrancy. Boasting over 7,500 listed structures, it stands as a living testament to the past amidst a dynamic present. Exploring Amsterdam during your Rhine cruise promises an immersion into history at every turn.

Day 04: Arrival: 00:30 Departure: 21:00
Rotterdam, the Netherlands’ second-largest city, earns its nickname ‘Manhattan on the Maas’ due to its cosmopolitan vibe. Renowned for its modern architecture, the city boasts architecturally striking homes. As you explore, keep an eye out for other cruise ships, as Rotterdam’s expansive port is a key transportation nexus in Europe.

Day 05: Arrival: 09:00
Antwerp, the vibrant port city dubbed the “Diamond City,” beckons with its wealth of art, culture, and culinary delights. Indulge in Belgian specialties like waffles, chocolates, and chips while exploring its cultural treasures.

Day 06: Arrival: – Departure: 17:00
Antwerp, a gem in itself, beckons with its vibrant art scene and cultural treasures. Renowned as the ‘Diamond City’, it dazzles visitors with its rich history in the diamond trade. Food enthusiasts will delight in indulging in Belgian delights such as waffles, chocolates, and fries, making Antwerp a culinary haven.

Day 07: Cruising Day

Day 08: Arrival: 06:00
Embark on our thrilling Rhine voyage departing from this point, bound for either the northern or southern Rhine. Don’t overlook the chance to discover this historic city, brimming with landmarks and sights. Optimal planning suggests arriving a day before departure for a leisurely start or extending your Cologne experience post-cruise.

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