Bike Adventure (Rajasthan)

Bike Adventure (Rajasthan)

 Day 01: Our journey commences from our Delhi hotel. We spend the day preparing our bikes and discovering the local area, followed by an evening briefing on our upcoming cycling expedition.

 Day 02: We kick off our day with an early morning bike ride, acclimatizing to the Indian climate and bustling city streets. After covering approximately 15.5 miles (25 kilometers), we head back to the hotel for breakfast and a refreshing shower. Following that, we embark on a bus tour to explore both New and Old Delhi. Meanwhile, our bicycles and main luggage will be transported to Jodhpur by bus (don’t forget to pack your necessary toiletries and essentials for the overnight train journey). As night falls, we make our way to the station to catch the overnight train bound for Jodhpur.

 Day 03: Arriving at Jodhpur train station in the morning, we swiftly transfer to our hotel for a leisurely break or to explore the vicinity. Later, we hop on our bikes for an afternoon of sightseeing. Founded by the Rajput leader Roa Jodha, Jodhpur, once the capital of Marwar state, is encircled by a vast wall spanning 6 miles (10 kilometers). Dominating the landscape is the imposing Mehrangarh Fort, perched atop a rocky hill, offering stunning vistas of the surrounding desert. Our day culminates with a visit to this majestic fort, providing an excellent vantage point to admire the blue-hued houses, distinguishing them as homes of the Brahmin community.

Day 04: Today will be filled with exploration as we kickstart early with a 25-mile (40km) cycle journey from the hotel. Next, we’ll hop on a bus for about 3 hours and 30 minutes to reach Ranakpur, where we’ll marvel at the intricate 15th-century Jain temple dedicated to Adinath. Afterward, a short 9-mile (15km) vehicle transfer will take us to a roadside Hindu temple. Then, we’ll resume our cycling adventure, traversing the picturesque Aravalli hills for approximately 21 miles (34km). Our day concludes with a scenic bus transfer lasting around 1 hour and 30 minutes to two hours, landing us in the charming lakeside town of Udaipur.

Day 05: Udaipur, dubbed the Jewel of Rajasthan, captivates with its charm, earning titles like the City of Dawn and the Eastern Venice. Embraced by Lake Pichola, its main palace offers breathtaking vistas of the shimmering waters against the Aravalli hills backdrop, with the opulent Lake Palace Hotel enhancing the allure. Two islands, Jag Mandir and Jag Nivas (now the lavish Lake Palace Hotel), grace the lake’s expanse, mirroring their majesty. After a delightful breakfast, we embark on a cycling journey through Udaipur’s tranquil countryside, meandering along serene roads amidst fields and hamlets en route to Tiger Lake. Venturing further, we may visit Animal Aid, a sanctuary for injured wildlife. Our cycling odyssey culminates near the city, where we marvel at the grandeur of the City Palace.

Day 06: This morning, we embark on a scenic journey to Iswal, where our biking adventure to Kumbhalgarh begins. The path veers away from bustling highways, leading us through quaint rural landscapes of India. Though the ride may be warm, our support vehicle is available if needed. Upon reaching Kumbhalgarh, we’ll enjoy a leisurely late lunch before considering an optional uphill bike ride of 3 miles (5 km) to the impressive Kumbhalgarh Fort, renowned for its historic defenses and breathtaking vistas, with the alternative of a 4×4 ride available.

Day 07: Today, we venture back to the desert vistas en route to the sacred enclave of Pushkar. Our journey meanders through rural pathways until we reach the main highway, where we transition to our vehicle for the remainder of the approximately five-hour drive. Nestled amidst the desert landscape, Pushkar is revered as a Hindu pilgrimage site centered around a divine lake, said to have been formed by petals from the hands of the deity Brahma. Here, one can behold one of the rare Brahma temples worldwide. Adorned with 52 ghats and over 400 azure temples, Pushkar also hosts the vibrant annual Pushkar Festival, metamorphosing the town into a lively marketplace. Before settling into our accommodations at the Aram Bagh Hotel (or similar), we immerse ourselves in the unique ambiance of this Rajasthani gem. For Pushkar Festival departures on November 5, 2024, and October 26, 2025 (Land Only), the itinerary has been slightly adjusted to allow for two nights in Pushkar (days 7 and 8) and one night in Sariska National Park (Day 11), ensuring ample time to relish the festivities.

Day 08: We depart from Pushkar on our motorcycles, journeying along desert trails and quaint villages until we reach Rupnagar, renowned for its marble craftsmanship. An additional 21 miles (34 kilometers) could be added to the route, leading to the Naraina railway crossing. From there, we take a vehicle to Jaipur, a drive lasting approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to two hours.

Day 09: Early risers can join an enticing cycling tour around the charming pink city, meandering through its captivating alleys. We’ll pass by historic havelis and sacred temples, reaching the grand Albert Hall, a tribute to royalty from the 1870s. Along the route, we’ll pause at local food stalls for a taste of authentic breakfast treats. After the ride, there’s ample time to freshen up at the hotel before embarking on a delightful day of exploration. Our itinerary includes visits to the iconic Amber Fort and the impressive City Palace, once home to the Maharaja. Of course, no trip to Jaipur is complete without a snapshot at the iconic Hawa Mahal. Jaipur is renowned for its handicrafts, offering opportunities to browse markets and perhaps find a unique keepsake. Optional cycling distance: Approximately 7 miles (12 kilometers).

Day 10: Embarking from Jaipur, our journey blends cycling and transfers, leading us back to the heart of rural India. We’ll hop into vehicles for a 45-minute to one-hour transfer to Jamwa Ramgarh before pedaling to Sariska via Pratap Garh, traversing the picturesque Aravalli foothills. Our stay at Ram Bihari Palace (or equivalent) offers comfort amid the adventure. For Pushkar Festival departures on November 5, 2024, and October 26, 2025, the itinerary is tailored to include two nights in Pushkar (days 7 & 8) and one night in Sariska National Park (Day 11), omitting the optional afternoon cycling. Upon arrival in Sariska on Day 11, we embark on thrilling open 4×4 game drives, exploring the rich wildlife of the park, from leopards to antelopes. The next morning, our journey continues to Bharatpur National Park, with elevations ranging from 1,115ft (340m) to 1,519ft (463m).

Day 11: At dawn, we set out on an exhilarating 4×4 adventure through Sariska’s captivating wilderness, teeming with diverse wildlife like leopards, deer, wild boars, and a plethora of bird species. Upon our return, a leisurely breakfast awaits before those inclined can embark on a scenic cycling excursion to Siliseth Lake, winding through quaint villages and picturesque farmland. Alternatively, indulge in relaxation amidst the hotel’s lush gardens and inviting pool. Optional cycling route spans approximately 9 miles (14 kilometers).

Day 12: Following breakfast, we set off from our hotel towards Muhwa, then proceeded with a brief transfer to our lunch spot (around 60 to 90 minutes drive), followed by another short transfer (approximately one to two hours) to Bharatpur National Park. This park is famous for its UNESCO World Heritage-listed bird sanctuary, known as the Keoladeo Ghana National Park. Originally semi-arid, this area relied solely on monsoon rains for water. In 1956, the Maharaja of Bharatpur transformed it into a bird sanctuary by diverting water from a nearby irrigation canal. Upon reaching Bharatpur, we explore the sanctuary on our bikes, home to a diverse range of bird species including egrets, ducks, coots, storks, kingfishers, owls, eagles, and harriers, totaling over 360 species.

Day 13: At dawn, we depart Bharatpur, traversing remote pathways en route to Fatehpur Sikri, the abandoned royal city of Emperor Akbar. Later, we journey to Agra (about a one to two-two-hour’ drive), arriving just in time to witness the mesmerizing sunset at the Taj Mahal. This iconic symbol of love, commissioned by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal, who passed away in 1631, never ceases to captivate newcomers with its serene beauty. The white marble facade, adorned with intricate details, dynamically changes hues with the sun’s movement, offering a breathtaking spectacle.

Day 14: In the early hours, we explore the grand Agra Fort built by Akbar, showcasing stunning white-marble architecture including the pearl mosque, palaces, and fountains belonging to his descendants. Later in the day, we journey to Delhi via bus (a journey lasting five to six hours depending on traffic), reaching by early evening. Our leader will organize a farewell group dinner for those wishing to reminisce about our journey together.

Day 15: If you’re booked on our flight-inclusive package, we head to Delhi airport in the morning for the day flight back to London. After check-out, arrangements for those not flying with the group concluded. If you wish to prolong your time in Delhi, simply contact your sales representative to discuss extending your stay.

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