Paris to Normandy

Paris to Normandy

 Day 01: Bonjour and welcome to France! Your Suite Ship® awaits you for boarding.
Please ensure your flight into Paris lands no later than 2:30 pm.
All guests must be on board the ship by 5 pm.

Enjoy the day exploring the enchanting city of Paris, known as the world’s most romantic destination. Take the opportunity for shopping, leisurely strolls, or simply relax with a croissant and café au lait while admiring the Parisian scenery.

Tonight, we embark on an evening cruise to Vernon.

Day 02: “Monet’s Inspirations, Castle Charms, and French Delights”
Head to the Adventure Center for today’s lineup of activities led by your Adventure Host.
Activity Options:

  1. Venture through Vernon’s Chateau des Tourelles on foot, guided by your Adventure Host. OR
  2. Embark on a Guided Tour of Giverny, the beloved residence of Claude Monet, where his masterpieces were born amidst charming gardens. OR
  3. Explore Bizy Castle, often dubbed “Normandy’s Versailles,” featuring majestic courtyards and gardens on a Guided Visit.

For a delightful discovery, indulge in traditional French crêpes during a scenic sail, followed by an onboard history presentation.
This afternoon, set sail for the quaint town of Les Andelys.

Tranquility Along the Seine
Activity Options:

  1. Join a Guided Hike to the castle ruins of Château Gaillard, once the stronghold of King Richard the Lionheart. OR
  2. Opt for a Guided Walking Tour of Les Andelys, offering breathtaking views along the Seine.


Day 03: Exploring Historic Abbeys Along the Seine

Option for Adventure: Embark on a serene bicycle journey by the riverside led by your Adventure Guide, OR:
Option for Exploration: Join a curated tour to a V-1 flying bomb launch site, OR:
Option for Tradition: Embark on a Guided Journey along the Normandy Abbeys Route, tracing the legacy of over a hundred medieval Benedictine and Augustine abbeys and churches lining the Seine.

Later today, consider an Optional Guided Excursion to the quaint coastal town of Honfleur.

Option for Discovery: Engage in an onboard lecture about WWII, hosted by a knowledgeable history expert.

Day 04: Embark on a journey of valor along Normandy’s shores or delve into its agricultural heritage. Explore WWII landmarks like Omaha Beach or immerse yourself in British and Canadian memorials. Alternatively, savor Normandy’s flavors with a guided tour of its lush countryside, including visits to historic sites and local distilleries. Your day culminates with evening entertainment as you cruise to Rouen.

Day 05: Explore Rouen’s rich history and hidden treasures on a guided bike tour or delve into the heroic past of Vimy Ridge and Beaumont-Hamel with a full-day excursion. Alternatively, immerse yourself in classic Rouen with a guided walking tour, showcasing Saint Joan of Arc’s legacy and iconic landmarks like the Astronomical Clock and Notre-Dame Cathedral. Cap off the day with an onboard history lecture before cruising to Conflans overnight.

Day 06: Explore the Trails of Van Gogh, Bonaparte, and Louis XIV

Activity 1: Embark on a serene bike journey by the Seine led by your Adventure Host.
Activity 2: Discover Auvers-sur-Oise on a Guided Tour, the haven and final abode of Vincent van Gogh.
Activity 3: Delve into the grandeur of Château de Malmaison with a Guided Tour, once the residence of Napoléon Bonaparte and Josephine.

Optional: Opt for an enlightening Guided Excursion to the Palace of Versailles, the historic seat of French monarchs.
Overnight: Set sail for Paris under the evening sky.

Day 07: Discover the essence of Paris, where every corner reveals a new story.

Today’s Adventures Await:

  • Venture along the Seine with your guide, OR
  • Embark on a WWII exploration, including a visit to Les Invalides museum, OR
  • Explore Paris’s ancient heart on a captivating guided walk, OR
  • Join a city tour showcasing iconic landmarks.

Afterward, immerse yourself in Parisian charm—whether wandering independently or indulging in a literary café experience.


Day 08: This morning marks the conclusion of your cruise journey as you enjoy your final breakfast onboard.

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