Day 01: Today marks your arrival in Kingston. Anticipating the influx of evening flights, your Leader has decided to hold the welcome meeting on the morning of day two. Details and timings will be left at the reception for your convenience. No activities are scheduled for today, granting you the freedom to arrive at your leisure. Those seeking a complimentary airport transfer must arrive at Kingston’s International Airport (airport code: KIN), a mere 15-minute drive from our hotel. Fear not if you miss the meeting; your Leader will promptly relay any crucial information upon your catch-up. If you arrive earlier in the day, seize the opportunity to unwind amidst the picturesque Caribbean scenery and perhaps sample a local Red Stripe beer.

Day 02: Discovering your group is just the beginning; now, dive into the rich tapestry of Balinese culture. Embark on a journey to the awe-inspiring Tanah Lot temple, perched on captivating sea rock formations. Following this cultural exploration, ride the waves with skilled surf instructors, swiftly mastering the art of surfing. As the day winds down, savor a cold drink while witnessing the enchanting sunset. Conclude the day by immersing yourself in the vibrant Canggu nightlife. Ready for an unforgettable experience? Let’s go!

Day 03: Embarking on our journey with a relaxed pace this morning, we’ll venture towards Charlestown for a distinctive lunch and an enlightening history session on the Maroons. Since the 1700s, these resilient communities of escaped or emancipated slaves have thrived in Jamaica, having repelled British forces and secured a treaty granting them relative autonomy. Upon arrival, we’ll immerse ourselves in the village, delving deeper into the Maroons’ remarkable story, cultural heritage, and lifestyle. Additionally, we’ll savor authentic Maroon cuisine before proceeding to Port Antonio. En route, there’s an optional detour for bamboo rafting along the serene Rio Grande. These traditional rafts, accommodating two adults each, offer a leisurely two-hour journey, with the captivating scenery unfolding as your dedicated raft captain navigates the waters. The excursion concludes at the idyllic spot known as the Rafter’s Rest. Transportation to the hotel will be provided for those opting out of rafting.

Day 04: We’re heading to Frenchmen’s Cove for a serene morning by its stunning white sands, tucked away in a secluded spot with lush surroundings. Our lunch plans include delicious jerk pork or chicken paired with a refreshing Jamaican Red Stripe. We’ll be back at the hotel later in the afternoon. Note that our usual trip to the Blue Lagoon is currently unavailable due to ongoing maintenance by the Jamaican government. If it reopens, we’ll adjust our plans accordingly.

Day 05: Experience a leisurely morning in Port Antonio with an opportunity to immerse in a local church service. Later, the journey to Ocho Rios, reaching around two pm. Spend the afternoon embracing choices like scaling Dunns River Falls, discovering the vicinity, or unwinding poolside at our accommodation.

Day 06: Following breakfast, our journey will lead us to Rose Hall Great House, a captivating destination where we’ll delve into the island’s rich heritage on a guided tour. Afterward, we’ll proceed towards Negril, briefly stopping in Montego Bay for lunch. The afternoon drive will span approximately two and a half hours. Negril awaits with its renowned coastline, boasting sandy beaches and dramatic cliffs. Our evening will culminate at Rick’s Cafe, perched atop one of these majestic cliffs, offering a stunning sunset vista and the thrilling spectacle of cliff divers perfecting their feats. It’s a vibrant locale, drawing locals and tourists to revel in music, rum, and unforgettable panoramas.

Day 07: Today presents an opportunity to indulge in all Negril boasts. Though closer to five miles, the renowned Seven Mile Beach beckons for strolls or refreshing swims, complemented by rum punch and flavorful Jamaican dishes like chicken, curried goat, or a savory Jamaican patty. Along the shoreline, numerous eateries offer respite from the sun for those seeking aquatic adventures, scuba diving, snorkeling, or glass-bottomed boat excursions.

Day 08: Embarking on our journey this morning, we head towards the lush hills of Jamaica’s heartland, making our first stop at the historic Appleton Estate Rum Distillery. Nestled in picturesque countryside, this centuries-old estate has been crafting fine rum since the 1700s. Our guided tour promises a fascinating glimpse into the alchemy of turning sugarcane into Jamaica’s renowned golden spirit. The finale awaits at the estate’s bar, where we’ll indulge in sampling their finest offerings. Following our rum-filled adventure, we’ll venture to Treasure Beach, a serene coastal gem favored by those seeking authentic experiences. Spend the afternoon exploring the laid-back village and its pristine shores. Don’t miss the chance to savor the delectable seafood, particularly the locally caught lobster, during dinner tonight if it’s in season. Our journey today spans approximately three and a half hours of driving time.

Day 09: Explore beyond the shores of Treasure Beach and discover its hidden gems. Just a kilometer offshore lies the charming Pelican Bar, a unique structure crafted from driftwood atop a sandbank amid the ocean. Easily accessible by taxi boats, it offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Alternatively, embark on a boat ‘safari’ along the Black River, home to Jamaican crocodiles and many bird species. En route back to Treasure Beach, pause at Pelican Bar for a refreshing drink and breathtaking views, with a chance to spot dolphins. Do you prefer staying on land? Opt for a Jamaican cooking class, unraveling the secrets of authentic Jerk seasoning, mastering steamed fish and bammy, or preparing lobster dishes when in season.

Day 10: This morning, we bid farewell to Treasure Beach as we embark on a scenic journey to Kingston Airport, marking the culmination of our trip. Today involves two transfers: the first arrives around 1 pm, allowing flights to depart no earlier than 4 pm. The second transfer reaches the airport by 5 pm, catering primarily to evening flights such as the popular London-bound service with British Airways, typically departing between 8 pm-9 pm from Kingston.

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