Chapada Diamantina National Park

Chapada Diamantina National Park

 Day 01: From your Salvador hotel, transfer to the bus station for your journey to Chapada Diamantina. After a 6-hour ride, we’ll pick you up at the station and take you to your hotel.

Day 02: Explore the best of Chapada with a thrilling itinerary: Hike along Rio Mucugezinho to the refreshing Poço do Diabo waterfall, venture into the vast Lapa Doce Cave, and discover the enchanting Pratinha Cave with its crystal-clear river. Dive into the cinematic Blue Grotto, experience the panoramic view from Morro do Pai Inácio, and add some excitement with a 20m zip line. It’s a diverse adventure showcasing the beauty and wonders of Chapada Diamantina.

Day 03: Explore the wonders of Muritiba Municipal Park, featuring 6 unique attractions: natural whirlpools, the mesmerizing Colored Sands Salon, Halley Well for swimmers, the invigorating Spring Waterfall, panoramic views from Mirante, and the crystal-clear Cachoeirinha. Discover the region’s geography, fauna, and flora during the scenic 4km walk. Fun for all ages!

Day 04: Ribeirão do Meio, a renowned spot near Lençóis, is a favorite for its inviting swimming well and a natural rock slide, offering an exhilarating experience. The tranquil 4 km trail features both flat and gently sloping stretches.

Day 05: Embark on a magical tour starting with the captivating Poço Encantado, where the indescribable beauty sparks immediate wonder. Visitors attest that the name truly captures the enchantment of this unique place. Experience the marvel of nature and make it a must-visit destination in Chapada Diamantina. Access to the Enchanted Well is available for those aged 12 and above. Not far away, Poço Azul offers an equally enchanting experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in its vast, crystalline blue waters. Floating along reveals the clarity of the water, creating an amazing and refreshing sensation.

Day 06: Enjoy a day of city exploration at no cost.

Day 07: Take a transfer from your hotel to the bus station for your journey to Salvador. Upon arrival, we’ll be ready to transport you to your Salvador hotel or the airport.

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