Day 01: Embark on a Half-Day Safari Adventure

Our off-road vehicles will collect you from your hotel, initiating the journey towards the scenic Huilyche and Calafate hills, unveiling exclusive panoramic vistas.

Venturing into the secluded Natural Reserve “Estancia 25 de Mayo,” which marks the boundary between El Calafate and the Chilean border, we traverse the Arroyo Calafate’s course. The shift in flora becomes apparent as we ascend, offering a distinct visual experience. Delving into the history of the Villalba family, the pioneers of the ranch, we share tales and enjoy a moment over some “mates.”

Exploring the property on foot, we observe the rural activities underway and unearth archaeological sites dating back to the Ice Age.

Immersing ourselves in the vast steppe, we make visual connections with its diverse inhabitants. Our guides share insights into their lives and habits.

As we return to your hotel, winding through the ravine, we make a pit stop to relish a rustic country stew at the comforting enclave of “La Section.”

Service Type: Shared
Duration: 4 hours
Inclusions: Transportation as mentioned, bilingual guide (English/Spanish), lunch with beverages, entrance fee to the natural reserve
Difficulty Level: Easy

Day 02: We’ll fetch you from your hotel bright and early in the morning for a journey to Los Glaciares National Park, situated 50 miles from El Calafate, the home of the awe-inspiring Perito Moreno Glacier.

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1981, Los Glaciares National Park boasts nearly 200 glaciers. The park is dominated by the Patagonian ice field, the second-largest after Antarctica.

Upon reaching the National Park, your guide will lead you along various pathways, allowing you to stroll in front of the colossal ice wall. If luck is on your side, you might witness some dramatic landslides. The moment the ice breaks and falls, a hush falls over the world, with all other sounds halting on the earth’s surface.

Commencing from the main balcony, your adventure unfolds, and you’ll have leisure time to explore until the scheduled meeting time with your guide. For lunch, the National Park offers a service area with a restaurant and a snack bar (lunch not included).

For a unique perspective of the glacier, consider a 1-hour boat ride. Sail along the massive glacier wall, towering 240 feet above Argentino Lake, amidst floating icebergs (not included, but optional and payable on-site, subject to availability).

Following your exploration of the park, we’ll transport you back to your hotel.

Service Type: Shared
Duration: 8/9 hours
Inclusions: Transportation as mentioned above, bilingual guide (English/Spanish)
Exclusions: National Park entrance fee, Lunch
Difficulty: Low

Nautical Safari Tour
Embark on the Nautical Safari tour from the “Bajo de las Sombras” pier, approximately 6km from the Glacier’s walkways. Cruise across Lake Rico, passing between icebergs that have calved off the front of the Perito Moreno glacier. Upon reaching the Icebergs Channel, the boat will pause at a safe distance from the glacier, allowing for breathtaking views of the ice wall and any breaking and floating icebergs.

This hour-long excursion offers a unique perspective of the Perito Moreno glacier, with almost constant falling walls of ice from its front. It serves as an excellent complement to the conventional visit to the walkways.

Service Type: Shared
Duration: 1 hour. Departures every hour from 10 am to 3 pm (Note: timetables may change)
Exclusions: National Park entrance fee
Difficulty: Low

Day 03: At the designated time, you’ll be transported from your Calafate hotel to your accommodation in El Chalten.

Embark on a journey along the renowned Route 40, traversing the vast Patagonian steppe. Along the way, you’ll pass by the La Leona River, linking Lake Argentino and Lake Viedma, and the historic La Leona Roadhouse, where notorious outlaws Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid sought refuge for a month.

Exploring the hidden gems of this distinctive landscape, you’ll eventually arrive at El Chalten.

Recognized as Argentina’s premier hiking destination, El Chaltén is a picturesque village nestled at the base of Fitz Roy Mountain. Enveloped by glaciers, lakes, rivers, and forests, it serves as the starting point for numerous hiking trails, offering a paradise for strolls under the sun.

Take advantage of your initial afternoon of leisure in Patagonia by unwinding at the local brewery or venturing into the surrounding areas. Perhaps indulge in a stroll near a charming waterfall.

Service Type: Shared
Inclusions: Transportation as specified above
Duration: 3 hours

Day 04: Get ready for an adventurous day amidst nature’s wonders. El Chalten boasts an array of hiking trails, each presenting varying levels of difficulty. The choice is yours as you embark on self-guided journeys through well-marked and impeccably maintained paths.

Embark on a delightful 3-kilometer (1.8 miles) stroll from your hotel’s entrance to reach the Cerro Torre viewpoint—a mere one-hour journey. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Rio de las Vueltas and the enchanting Lenga forest, where diverse bird species await your discovery. Keep an eye out for the chance to spot woodpeckers in action!

For those passionate about hiking, extend your exploration to Base Torre or undertake an exhilarating 8-hour trek for the most breathtaking view of Fitz Roy Mountain and the emerald waters of Laguna de Los Tres. While the final stretch may pose a challenge, the rewards are unparalleled. Seize the opportunity, rise with the sun, and witness the dawn at Laguna de Los Tres, where the Fitz Roy peaks transform into a mesmerizing shade of red—an experience of a lifetime.

Day 05: At the designated moment, a scheduled pick-up will be arranged for you to embark on a bus journey from your accommodation in El Chaltén to your lodging in El Calafate.

During the three-hour drive, take advantage of the opportunity to unwind, rejuvenate, and appreciate the scenic vistas unfolding outside your window.

Service Type: Shared
Inclusions: Transportation as specified
Estimated Duration: Approximately 3 hours

Day 06: When the time is right, you’ll be transported from your accommodation to El Calafate Airport.

Service Type: Group Transfer

Inclusive: Transportation as specified above

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