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 Day 01: Frankfurt to Mainz
Today’s bike journey follows the scenic route from Frankfurt alongside the picturesque Main River to the charming medieval town of Höchst, once part of the Archbishopric of Main and now a district of Frankfurt. Pause for a delightful break, perhaps savoring local specialties like Ebbelwoi (apple wine) and handkäs with music. Then, continue towards Eddersheim, passing vineyards and historic towns until you reach the confluence of the Main and Rhine rivers. After crossing the Rhine, you’ll arrive in Mainz, the historic capital of Rhineland-Palatinate, boasting a rich heritage spanning over two millennia. Don’t miss iconic landmarks such as the Grand Cathedral and the renowned Gutenberg Museum.

 Day 02: Mainz to Oberwesel
Following a serene evening in historic Mainz, embark on a picturesque cycling journey along the Rhine today. Explore charming wine towns and soak in breathtaking vistas. As you pedal past the quaint Eltville, you’ll soon arrive at the renowned wine haven of Rüdesheim am Rhein. Don’t miss a side trip to the Niederwald monument via chairlift for a spectacular panorama. Continuing on the river’s opposite bank, Kaub beckons with its ancient toll castle, standing proud on a Rhine island for nearly seven centuries. Traverse the UNESCO-listed Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a cultural landscape dominated by vineyards. Pause in the photogenic town of Bacharach before reaching Oberwesel, where remnants of its medieval city walls and the imposing Schönburg Castle await. Indulge in local wines and delicacies at the inviting wine taverns along the way.

 Day 03: Oberwesel to Koblenz
Embarking on our cycling journey along the picturesque western bank of the Rhine, we encounter the famed Loreley Rock, steeped in legend. As the story goes, a siren once enchanted sailors with her song, leading to their unfortunate demise. A bronze statue nearby pays homage to this tale. Pedaling onward to Boppard, a chairlift offers breathtaking vistas from the “Vierseenblick.” Near Koblenz, the imposing fortress Ehrenbreitstein awaits atop the city, accessible via a cable car since the 2011 National Garden Show. Arriving at the German corner, Emperor Wilhelm I welcomes visitors to this historic junction of the Rhine and Moselle rivers.

Day 04: You can conveniently hop on a train back to Frankfurt from Koblenz.

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