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 Day 01: London to Amsterdam
Embark on a 19-day European adventure in London, where you’ll join your Contiki group and hop on a coach to Dover. From there, a ferry ride across the channel offers a final view of the English coast and the iconic White Cliffs of Dover. Landing in Calais, France, we waste no time continuing to our first significant stop: Amsterdam. Arriving in the evening, we’ll marvel at Amsterdam’s enchanting canals, bicycles, and historic houses under the night sky. The night starts with an optional visit to the A’Dam Tower and Swing, where you can bypass lines for a breathtaking city view and a complimentary drink. The evening doesn’t end there—Amsterdam’s vibrant nightlife promises fun until dawn.

 Day 02: Amsterdam
Amsterdam captures hearts with its charming cobblestone streets, picturesque canal views, quaint museums, and unparalleled café scene. Today, immerse yourself in local life—whether hopping from bar to bar, exploring museums, or simply wandering around. For those eager to dive into the culinary scene, Amsterdam offers delights like Dutch pancakes, fries, cheese, stroopwafels, and coffee. Alternatively, consider a trip to the quaint fishing village of Volendam for a seafood or steak dinner. This evening, you might opt for a memorable canal cruise through Amsterdam, featuring an onboard bar for an added magic touch.

 Day 03: Amsterdam to Berlin
Farewell to the charming streets of Amsterdam as we set our sights on the electrifying pulse of Berlin via the autobahn. Berlin, a city that boasts a premier spot on the global nightlife scene, awaits our exploration. With just 48 hours in this iconic metropolis, we’re diving in with a guided tour to uncover its rich yet tumultuous history. Post-tour, you’ll be free to wander Berlin’s diverse offerings at your leisure. From the poignant Holocaust memorial to the quirky, hidden gems scattered throughout its vibrant neighborhoods, there’s something for every adventurous spirit. Need tips on where to begin? Your Trip Manager is on hand to steer you towards unforgettable experiences.

Day 04: Berlin
Exciting explorations await! Following our sneak peek into Berlin’s past, today offers two captivating walking tours (participation is voluntary)—Kick-off with a journey through history, featuring a stop at Hitler’s bunker site. Then, dive into the Alternative Berlin tour, showcasing the city’s trendy and historic gems. For those eager for nightlife, tonight presents the ideal chance to discover Berlin’s renowned underground parties or hidden cocktail lounges.

Day 05: Berlin to Prague
This morning, we’re leaving Berlin and heading to the gem of Europe, Prague. Berlin sets a high bar, but Prague is up to the challenge. Our journey includes a meaningful stop in Dresden, a city reborn from WWII destruction, now standing proudly with its Opera house, the Frauenkirche dome, and the Royal Palace. We’ll take in these sights before continuing our trip. Once we reach Prague, with its enchanting medieval towers, winding streets, and tempting street food, we’ll explore. We’ll start with the majestic castles and cathedrals, immersing ourselves in the tales of Bohemian royalty and eerie gothic tales. This evening, there’s an optional event to fully embrace Czech culture with music, dance, and a traditional meal.

Day 06: Prague
Seize the day in Prague! Dive into Gothic architecture, savor the artisanal markets, and taste the finest Czech beer. As evening falls, wander through Old Town Square, discovering cozy spots to while away the night.

Day 07: Prague to Munich
We cautioned you about getting entirely enchanted by Prague! Alas, team, it’s not possible to stay here indefinitely. Or is it? Moving on from the Czech Republic, our adventure continues into Germany, starting with a poignant visit to the Dachau concentration camp memorial. Here, you’ll have the opportunity for reflection and learning before we journey to Munich. It appears we were always meant to immerse ourselves in Bavarian culture; we just hadn’t realized it until now. Munich, renowned not just for its Oktoberfest but for its vibrant culture all year round, awaits us. A visit to a classic beer hall will introduce you to the local customs after marveling at a Gothic clock adorned with 32 dancing figures and 43 bells.

Day 08: Munich
Seize today to immerse yourself in Munich’s charming culture and city vibes. Following our walking tour, you can explore the historic center, purchase lederhosen or a dirndl, or wander through the bustling university district with its lively streets and cafes.

Day 09: Munich to Venice
Farewell, Munich, and greetings to the mountains! Today, our journey leads us towards Italy, but not before we uncover landscapes as enchanting as those in The Sound of Music. Inhale the crisp alpine breeze as we venture into the Austrian Tyrol, renowned for thrilling adventure sports. Suddenly, we find ourselves in a different country, embraced by a new atmosphere. Ah, Venice! We’ve stepped into one of Italy’s iconic cities with its delectable pasta, musical accents, and captivating architecture. Tonight, we unwind here, anticipating a full day tomorrow to meander through canals and wander picturesque cobblestone streets.

Day 10: Venice
Good day! Today, Venice awaits us with its full Italian splendor. Our journey begins by boarding our private motoscafo boat to explore the enchanting canals en route to the city’s historic center. Then, you can choose between uncovering hidden Venice through a guided walking tour, enjoying a traditional gondola ride, or embarking on a guided cruise to the UNESCO heritage site of Burano. On this picturesque island adorned with vibrant houses, we’ll dine at a local family restaurant, savoring the finest seafood feast you’ve ever had.

Day 11: Venice to Rome
Goodbye, Venice, but our adventure in Italy is far from over. Our next stop is Rome, the Eternal City. Tonight promises excitement as we explore iconic Italian landmarks under the evening sky. A city tour upon arrival will offer a tantalizing preview of Rome’s splendor by night, setting the stage for tomorrow’s complete immersion. Gelato, pizza, and ancient wonders await – we’re ready to embrace it all.

Day 12: Rome
Early this morning, we’re out and about, seizing the opportunity to delve into the depths of this historic city. Embark on a journey through time as you wander the streets, uncovering the wonders of an ancient civilization right at your fingertips. Whether you explore the renowned Colosseum with a guided tour, trace the paths of Emperors and Gladiators, or capture unforgettable moments amidst blooming azaleas, there’s no shortage of adventures. Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain with a coin toss, indulge in espresso in a quaint alleyway, and immerse yourself in the vibrant rhythm of Italian life.

Day 13: Rome to Florence
Amidst delectable antipasti, exquisite wine, and the enchanting Tuscan landscape beckoning, bidding farewell to Rome feels surprisingly pleasant. Before embarking on our journey to Tuscany, let’s steal one last glance at the city this morning. Our destination: a charming 16th-century villa transformed into a thriving winery. We’ll delve into its ancient cellar and savor some Chianti wine, accompanied by delightful antipasti – it’d be impolite not to indulge, wouldn’t it? Florence, Tuscany’s vibrant capital, epitomizes Italy’s abundant wonders within a compact region. Here, we’ll leisurely navigate the Arno River, immerse ourselves in Tuscan ambiance with another glass of Chianti, and marvel at the splendor of the city and its majestic Duomo Cathedral. Let’s soak it all in – tomorrow awaits for further exploration.

Day 14: Florence
Are you excited for an immersive day in Florence? Experience a blend of expert-led exploration and strolls. Discover the intricate craft of traditional leatherwork, wander through historic streets, and visit iconic landmarks on a guided walk. Enjoy the afternoon browsing local markets and indulging in delicious gelato. Later, opt for a unique evening at a 14th-century Certosan monastery, followed by a delightful dinner paired with Tuscan wine at a charming countryside restaurant.

Day 15: Florence to Lucerne
As our Italian adventure draws to a close, we eagerly anticipate embracing the delights of Switzerland – a realm of sumptuous chocolate, savory cheese, and precision timepieces. But before departing Italy, there’s one essential stop: the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa demands our attention. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the quintessential “holding-up-the-tower” snapshot. Soon, the enchanting scenery of Switzerland will unfold before us as we arrive in Lucerne, a picturesque haven renowned for its quaint wooden bridges, cobblestone streets, and breathtaking lakeside vistas. Our itinerary includes visits to the historic Chapel Bridge and the majestic Lion Monument, with ample time for exploration. And what better way to conclude our day than indulging in the rich flavors of Swiss chocolate?

Day 16: Lucerne
Today, indulge in the charms of Lucerne’s picturesque streets, unwind in a cozy café amidst mountain vistas, or indulge in a chocolate feast. For the daring, ascend Mt. Pilatus for panoramic views of the Swiss Alps, savor a classic Swiss fondue, or embark on a scenic cruise across Lake Lucerne, where the majestic Alps mirror the azure waters. Consider yourself pampered.

Day 17: Lucerne to Paris
Our Lucerne adventure bids farewell this morning as we set our sights on Paris! From the tranquil heights to the bustling streets, we transition from Switzerland to France. The city of romance awaits! Indulge in a delightful French dinner, then seize the evening as you desire – whether sipping fine wine, indulging in fashion or admiring iconic landmarks. Our day culminates with breathtaking vistas from the Montparnasse Tower.

Day 18: Paris
Let’s embark on a journey through the enchanting streets of Paris today, beginning with an exploration of authentic French perfumery to uncover the secrets of its craft. Afterward, indulge in the allure of designer fashion or peruse vintage shops, marvel at the beauty of Notre Dame Cathedral, savor coffee and crepes, and immerse yourself in art at the renowned Louvre. Save your energy for an unforgettable evening featuring VIP treatment, a delectable dinner, and exquisite French champagne at a prestigious Parisian cabaret show. As your final night approaches, seize the opportunity to create lasting memories. Prepare for an unforgettable finale!

Day 19: Paris to London
Please wake up and savor your final Parisian experience with a delightful coffee and croissant, reminiscing about our remarkable journey. Though this chapter concludes, the bonds forged and memories made are timeless. Our last shared journey will be a complimentary transfer to CDG airport, or you’re welcome to join us for the entire ride back to London. Let’s bid farewell to this adventure and eagerly anticipate our next rendezvous. Until then, farewell to the group upon arrival in London.

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