Galapagos Islands

Galapagos Islands (Kid's Special)

 Day 01: Upon your arrival at San Cristobal Airport, a driver will whisk you and your little one off to your hotel in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

Dive into adventure with a kayaking journey on a picturesque San Cristobal beach, where you’ll immerse yourself in nature, encounter diverse wildlife, and receive a brief on safety and kayaking basics beforehand.

Post-lunch, venture to the stunning Playa Mann, a pristine white sand beach a mere 15-minute stroll from the village. Its crystal-clear waters offer perfect conditions for snorkeling, with an excellent chance to spot Galapagos sea lions.

Conclude your day with a unique Ceviche Cooking Class by the local culinary expert, Mrs. Barbara. From selling her acclaimed ceviche, she now imparts her knowledge through engaging classes at a nearby restaurant, offering a taste of the island’s fresh produce and seafood delights.

 Day 02: Following breakfast, a 7:00 a.m. pickup will whisk you away for a breathtaking visit to Kicker Rock, a crown jewel among the Galapagos Islands’ natural wonders. Your adventure begins at the passenger pier, where a speedboat awaits to escort you to this iconic site.

Kicker Rock, emerging majestically off San Cristobal Island’s shore, consists of two towering volcanic formations, each standing at 140 meters. These formations are a sight to behold, resembling a slumbering lion or a “León Dormido” from the south and taking on the shape of a boot from another angle, hence its English moniker.

Surrounded by the sea, Kicker Rock is a sanctuary for marine birds and a vibrant underwater ecosystem, thanks to the channel carved between the rocks by natural forces over time. This channel is a haven for sharks, manta rays, and marine life.

Your journey concludes with a return to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno by 3:00 p.m., from where you’ll be comfortably transported back to your hotel.

 Day 03: A transfer from your hotel to San Cristobal Airport is arranged for your departure, with the journey taking approximately 5 minutes.

On your San Cristobal to Isabela flight, enjoy a brief 45-minute aerial view of the Galapagos Islands aboard a cozy plane accommodating up to 9 passengers. Upon landing at Isabela Airport, a short 7-minute drive will take you to your Puerto Villamil hotel.

Please note that this inter-island flight’s baggage allowance light is limited to 25 lbs per person, including checked and carry-on luggage. For those needing more, extra weight can be added at USD 2 per pound online or at the airport, extending the base 25-pound limit.

Day 04: Embark on a brief journey to Flamingo Lagoon, the Galapagos Islands’ largest coastal lagoon and a crucial breeding ground for its flamingo population.

For cycling enthusiasts, start your adventure in Isabela village, where your rental bikes await. Pedal your way to the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center to observe these magnificent creatures at various life stages in their natural surroundings. Your route then leads you to the Wall of Tears, offering opportunities to spot Giant tortoises and soak in the island’s breathtaking vistas.

Day 05: Your journey to Los Tuneles starts with a pickup at either 7:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m., depending on what’s available. From there, you’ll head to the dock for a 45-minute speedboat ride to one of the premier snorkeling spots on the globe, Los Tuneles, known for its crystal-clear, tranquil waters. The area, shaped by lava flows, features underwater tunnels and arches, creating a unique landscape that serves as a haven for various Galapagos wildlife.

Navigating the entry, marked by shallow waters and potentially strong waves, requires caution and adherence to your guide’s instructions. Morning visitors will enjoy a snack, while afternoon guests receive a boxed lunch. The adventure concludes with a return trip to Puerto Villamil and a drop-off at your hotel.

Day 06: After checking out, your hotel will arrange transport to Isabela’s dock for your speedboat journey back to Puerto Ayora on Santa Cruz Island. The transfer typically takes around 10 minutes.

You’ll board a public speedboat for the approximately 2.5-hour trip to Santa Cruz Island.

Upon reaching Puerto Ayora dock, your driver will be waiting to whisk you to your hotel in Santa Cruz’s port town. The drive should take between 5 to 10 minutes.

Day 07: En route to Puerto Ayora, a must-stop awaits in the Santa Cruz highlands—an idyllic spot for encountering Giant Tortoises in their natural realm. The ranch you’ll explore offers intimate encounters with these majestic creatures amidst endemic flora, alongside glimpses of Galapagos finches and land birds rarely seen along the shore.

While in Puerto Ayora, consider a self-guided excursion to one of the Galapagos Islands’ most exquisite beaches. A leisurely 25-minute stroll from the village leads to pristine shores of white sand and turquoise waters. Enjoy a serene beach day here, perhaps renting kayaks to observe marine iguanas basking on rocks and sand. Remember to bring ample water and snacks, as no food or drink vendors are nearby.

Day 08: Today presents a rare opportunity for you and your loved ones to immerse yourselves in the beauty of your surroundings. Whether you opt for independent exploration or guided tours, the day is yours to cherish and make unforgettable memories with your family.

Day 09: You’ll be picked up from Puerto Ayora and taken to Baltra Airport three hours before your flight. This arrangement will be confirmed before your departure.

The journey includes a 45-minute transfer to the Itabacca Channel and a brief ten-minute ferry ride across. From there, you’ll proceed by bus to reach the airport.

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