Phuket Surf

Phuket (Kid's Special)

 Day 01: Greetings! Allow me to introduce myself and provide insights into the camp. We commenced with group training and a thorough review session before hitting the waves, totaling an hour.

  • We are engaged in interactive games and enjoyable activities as a group.
  • Instruction on mastering the pop-up technique on the surfboard and lessons on beach safety.
  • A refreshing break for fruits and water.
  • Continued surfing activities until noon.

 Day 02: Prepare by warming up before the session, run through pop-up drills on the board, and recap the day’s practice, followed by an hour of ocean training.

  • Engage in surfing with expert guidance.

  • Pause for refreshments, including fruit and water.

  • Keep surfing until 5 pm.

 Day 03: Today marks the final session of our training program, where we’ll seize the opportunity to learn about riding the waves from our skilled instructor. Let’s delve into practical techniques for mastering the art of catching and reading waves.

Additionally, let’s capture this moment in Phuket with a memorable photo.

Lastly, let’s discuss strategies for enhancing our surfing skills in the future.

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