Day 01:Explore Kas, a tranquil fishing village nestled along the scenic Turkish Lycian coast, where thrilling adventures await. Due to the late evening flights into Dalaman, your leader plans to conduct the welcome meeting on the morning of Day 2. Details will be left at the reception for your convenience. Are you arriving early? Enjoy a delightful dinner outing. Today’s agenda is open, allowing flexibility in your arrival time. Aim for Dalaman International Airport (DLM), approximately 150km away, a 3-hour journey for airport transfers. Don’t miss the meeting; essential updates will reach you promptly. With extra time, take a refreshing dip in the hotel pool or savor Kas’s diverse culinary scene, featuring mouthwatering Turkish specialties like slow-cooked lamb, barbecue delights, or the local favorite, pide, akin to pizza.

 Day 02: Our first day here is spent on the sea as we take a boat trip from Kas across the calm, clear waters surrounding. From the sea, we can fully appreciate this dramatic and beautiful coastline. There will be ample opportunity for swimming and snorkeling from our boat, and we plan to enjoy a barbecue lunch before returning to Kas later in the afternoon. Kas is a great place to relax, with cafes and restaurants spilling onto cobbled streets and a network of tiny back alleys to explore.

 Day 03: Today, we embark on a journey to the hills, where cedar forests, babbling streams, serene meadows, and quaint villages await our exploration. Our itinerary includes traversing from a lofty pass to a canyon, then ascending to a mountain village for a traditional lunch with a local family. Post-meal, we’ll meander through the town, possibly witnessing the blacksmith’s craft and visiting the village Mosque. Returning to Kas will feature a refreshing swim at the picturesque Kaputas beach. If the weather proves sweltering, we’ll opt for a higher altitude trek along Mt Bozkaya’s Cedar treeline before heading to the village for lunch.

Day 04: Today is yours to explore as you please. If you’re drawn to culture, Kas offers a glimpse into ancient history with its well-preserved sites like the Kas Theatre from the third century BC, hosting vibrant performances and concerts. You can also discover the awe-inspiring Lion Tomb and hillside rock tombs. Alternatively, consider a trip to the picturesque Greek island of Meis, also known as Kastellorizo, just a mile off the Turkish coast but over 100km from its closest Greek neighbor, Rhodes.

Day 05: This morning, we explored Xanthos, once the bustling capital of ancient Lycia, renowned for its commerce and religious significance. Despite its tumultuous history, including conquests by Persians and Romans, it stands proudly today as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Later, we embarked on a serene canoe journey down the Xanthos River, meandering through pristine rural landscapes, before reaching the protected nesting grounds of giant loggerhead turtles at Patara Beach. After a picnic lunch, we swam before returning to Kas.

Day 06: This morning presents an opportunity to explore the Church of St. Nicholas in Demre (Myra), where the legendary 4th-century Bishop Nicholas is believed to have quietly aided the needy, laying the foundation for the iconic figure of Father Christmas. Saint Nicholas, revered as the patron saint of Greece and Russia and the guardian of children, merchants, scholars, and sailors, holds a multifaceted role. The tradition of his benevolent gift-giving stems from a tale of rescuing a destitute shopkeeper’s daughters from a future without dowries by tossing bags of coins into their yard. The church, housing his remains in a rock sarcophagus, boasts a modern statue portraying him with his trademark beard, toy-filled sack, and surrounded by children. Yet, Myra offers more than just Santa’s legacy. A mile north lies the remarkable ruins of an ancient town, featuring numerous Lycian tombs carved into cliffs above a Roman amphitheater. Our plan for an early start aims to avoid crowds and heat, leaving the afternoon in Kas free for relaxation or perhaps snorkeling adventures.

Day 07: Embarking early, we set out for a serene sea kayaking adventure in the protected waters of Kekova Bay. Amidst the tranquility, we relish a sandwich breakfast and coffee while paddling undisturbed. This region, adorned with islands, bays, and ancient cities, boasts the famed sunken town of Kekova, where remnants of earthquakes lie beneath the clear waters. Our journey leads us to the charming village of Simena, adorned with ancient tombs, Roman baths, hillside houses, and a castle with an ancient theater carved into solid rock. Afterward, we return to Ucagiz, ending our day’s excursion back in Kas.

Day 08: Following breakfast at our Kas hotel, the journey concludes. Today holds no scheduled activities, allowing you to depart from Kas whenever possible. For those with later flights, our hotel offers luggage storage services. Should you require an airport transfer, Dalaman International Airport (DLM) is approximately 150km away, about a 3-hour from the hotel.

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