Day 01: Greetings from Turkey! Upon arrival at Istanbul airport, be on the lookout for the Travel Talk sign to assist you with your transfer to the hotel. At 7:00 pm, gather in the hotel lobby for a casual meeting with your group and guide. In the meantime, take the opportunity to discover Istanbul, whether it’s ascending the Galata Tower for panoramic vistas or indulging in a shopping spree at the Grand Bazaar. Following the meeting, consider joining your fellow travelers for an optional group dinner at a nearby restaurant to foster new connections.

 Day 02: Following breakfast, our day unfolds with an enchanting exploration of Istanbul’s historic old town. Wander through its ancient streets, pausing to admire landmarks such as the Blue Mosque, Hippodrome, grand Topkapi Palace, and the iconic Hagia Sophia. Later, consider embarking on a Bosphorus river cruise to marvel at the city’s breathtaking skyline.

 Day 03: Today, we’ll leisurely enjoy the scenic Turkish landscape from the comfort of our coach, passing through quaint towns and villages en route to Cappadocia via Ankara. Later, we’ll explore the fascinating Derinkuyu Underground City, marveling at its intricate features such as churches, wells, and stables nestled 60m below ground. Optionally, end the day with a traditional Turkish bath experience. Entrance fees apply for Derinkuyu Underground City.

Day 04: Good morning! Today kicks off with an optional early rise for a captivating hot-air balloon adventure over the mesmerizing landscapes of Cappadocia. Alternatively, you can opt for a more relaxed morning and join us later for breakfast. We’ll delve into the wonders of Göreme, a UNESCO World Heritage site, visiting iconic spots like the Göreme Museum, Pigeon Valley, Uchisar, and Cavusin. Later, don’t forget to gear up for our lively Turkish Night. Entrance Fees: Göreme Open Air Museum (20 EUR).

Day 05: Let’s embark on a journey to Konya, renowned for its whirling dervishes, part of the mystical Sufi tradition. En route, we’ll pause at the captivating Ihlara Valley, adorned with ancient rock-cut dwellings and Byzantine churches.

Day 06: Experience the rich tapestry of Turkish culture today, starting with the historic Karatay Madrasa, an architectural gem dating back eight centuries. Continue your journey to the globally renowned Museum and Mausoleum of Mevlana, honoring the teachings of the revered 13th-century scholar, poet, and theologian, Rumi. Delve into his timeless wisdom promoting understanding and acceptance. Then, immerse yourself in Turkey’s natural beauty at Pamukkale, the Cotton Castle. Enjoy sightseeing at Karatay Madrasa and a visit to the Mevlana Museum.

Day 07: Prepare your cameras for an enchanting journey to Pamukkale, fondly known as the ‘cotton castle’ in Turkish. This natural wonder boasts hot springs and travertine formations, resembling terraces sculpted by flowing water and carbonate minerals. Atop this pristine landscape lies the ancient city of Hierapolis, where people have indulged in its rejuvenating pools for millennia. Following this awe-inspiring visit, we’ll explore the marvels of Ephesus, a meticulously preserved ancient city. Ephesus, mentioned in the Book of Revelations, is believed to be the site where the Gospel of John was penned. Among its treasures is the renowned Temple of Artemis, an architectural marvel from 550 BC, listed among the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Day 08: Following breakfast, we’ll set off for the ancient city of Troy. Whether through Greek mythology or Hollywood, you’ve likely encountered tales of Troy before. Now, you’ll have the chance to explore its ruins and archaeological wonders firsthand, including the iconic wooden horse. Our overnight stay will be in Canakkale, where you can unwind and explore the town in the evening.

Day 09: Today, we embark on our journey to the historic shores of Gallipoli, a site of great importance for Australians and New Zealanders alike. Our itinerary includes visits to ANZAC Cove, where we will explore the beaches and cemeteries, followed by paying our respects at memorial sites such as Chunuk Bair and Lone Pine. In the afternoon, we will return to our starting point, Istanbul.

Day 10: Our journey concludes in Istanbul.

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