Inca Trail

Inca Trail (Cusco)

 Day 01: Feel free to arrive whenever suits you. Take advantage of arriving early to discover the city. Join us for the introductory gathering—details on timing can be found in the hotel’s welcome note.

Please be aware that in Peru, experiencing occasional hot water shortages and power outages is not unusual, even in higher-end accommodations and residences. Your understanding and patience with these situations, which are beyond our control, are greatly valued.

 Day 02: Immerse yourself in a day-long exploration of the Sacred Valley, starting with a visit to a women’s weaving cooperative supported by G Adventures, followed by a stop at a traditional pottery community. Enjoy a meal at the Parwa Community Restaurant in Huchuy Qosco, also backed by G Adventures. Post-lunch, choose between a scenic hike to the Ollantaytambo storehouses with views of ancient ruins or a stroll through the historic cobblestone lanes, perhaps stopping by a local Chicheria to sample corn beer.

 Day 03: Begin your journey from Ollantaytambo by van to the Inca Trail’s starting point at km 82. Embark on an easy first day, hiking past streams, breathtaking Andean landscapes, and ancient ruins. Continue through the ever-changing flora and past notable ruins such as Llactapata.

Please note: A dedicated team of local porters, chefs, and guides will handle all logistics throughout the hike. Since porters carry most equipment, you’ll only need a light daypack for essentials like water, rainwear, snacks, and a camera.

Day 04: Embark on your journey early to ascend the lengthy and challenging trail towards Warmiwañusca, famously called Dead Woman’s Pass. This marks the summit of the trek at 4,198m (13,769 ft). By early afternoon, the majority of hikers usually arrive at the campsite, granting them plentiful time for rejuvenation and leisure.

Day 05: Embark on today’s journey to traverse two more mountain passes and explore ancient ruins. First, conquer the heights of Runquraqay at 3,950m (13,113 ft), where, if luck favors, catch a breathtaking sight of the snow-capped Cordillera Vilcabamba. Proceed through the mystical cloud forest, ascending gently to the second pass at 3,700m (12,136 ft), adorned with original Incan structures. From this vantage point, relish the panoramic vistas of the Urubamba Valley. Descend to 3,650m (11,972 ft) to discover the enchanting ruins of Phuyupatamarca, perched like a “town above the clouds.” Choose to set camp here or continue for another 1.5 hours to the Wiñay Wayna ruins, nestled at 2,650m (8,694 ft), aptly named “forever young.”

Day 06: Embark on the last leg of the journey before dawn, aiming to arrive at the Sun Gate just as the sun begins to rise. Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Machu Picchu’s ancient ruins as the day unfolds. Descend for a guided exploration of the site, then board the train back to Cusco, concluding the adventure.

Day 07: Feel free to leave whenever you wish.

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