Sydney to Cairns

 Day 01: Feel free to arrive whenever suits you.

A night out is unparalleled for breaking the ice. Visit Side Bar next to your stay at Wake Up Hostel in Sydney. It’s the place to be, buzzing with youthful energy and locals. With endless entertainment, be prepared to enjoy drinks, unwind, and dance the night away!

Your daytime is yours to shape; after settling into the hotel, seize the opportunity to discover the city.

Should you get there early, make your way to the harbour and explore the historic charm of ‘The Rocks’.

 Day 02: Dive into the heart of Sydney with a day to yourself in Australia’s first and largest city. Hop on a ferry and marvel at the Opera House’s sunlit sails. Explore the quaint, cobbled streets to soak up the city’s storied past. Bask or surf at Bondi Beach, embracing its famous waves, and consider an aerial city tour for a different perspective. Your adventure in the “Land Down Under” awaits—how bold will you be?

 Day 03: Hop on the train today for a journey northward towards Coffs Harbour. Unwind, soak in the scenery, and anticipate the next adventure. Upon arrival at Coffs Harbour station, we’ll head straight to Spot X Surf Camp, our home base for the upcoming days.

Day 04: As dawn breaks over the ocean, seize the opportunity for a complimentary surf lesson with Spot X. Nestled in a picturesque coastal expanse, they epitomize the surfing ethos.

Bask in the sunlight and revel in the waves with fellow travelers before embarking on a kangaroo expedition. Afterward, relish a leisurely afternoon exploring the area. Whether admiring the vistas of Solitary Islands Marine Park, exploring rock pools for marine life, or enjoying a picnic at Mullawarra Beach, your sole responsibility today is to indulge in enjoyment!

Day 05: Embark on an exploration of picturesque national parks, pristine beaches, verdant hills, and quaint Australian communities as you journey from Arrawarra to Byron Bay. Indulge in a delectable lunch amidst the surf and creative vibes of Byron Bay, followed by a leisurely stroll to Cape Byron Lighthouse, marking the easternmost tip of the nation. With a stroke of fortune, catch sight of migrating whales and playful dolphins. Following a delightful breakfast, traverse the scenic coastal route to Byron Bay, a haven for surfers and artists alike. Immerse yourself in the laid-back atmosphere of this bohemian surfing paradise during ample free time.

Day 06: Step into Byron Bay, where the waves beckon and the sun smiles! As you uncover secluded shores, ride the waves, or indulge in a soothing massage, dive into adventure. Seeking thrills? Take to the skies with skydiving, paddle through the sea on a kayak, or join a dolphin-watching excursion. Before bidding farewell, catch one more wave on your surfboard, for here in Byron, it’s said: “You haven’t truly surfed until you’ve surfed Byron Man!” Secure your spot for the “Byron Bay Ocean Kayaking” experience by pre-booking it during checkout to ensure it’s part of your journey.

Day 07: Embark on a northern journey with your companions to Queensland’s vibrant capital, Brisbane. Traverse through national parks, mountain ranges, and coastal havens, with sandy shores meeting crystal-clear waters and feeling peckish. Indulge in delectable pastries from the renowned Yatala Pie Shop, a beloved institution for over a century. Conclude your adventure with a leisurely stroll through Brisbane Koala Bushlands, where you might catch a glimpse of these iconic marsupials. Although sightings are not guaranteed, seize the opportunity to witness koalas in their natural habitat. Pro tip: Ensure your cameras are fully charged for potential wildlife encounters. Round off the day with an evening out in Queensland’s bustling metropolis.

Day 08: Embark on a coastal retreat to Noosa, leaving the urban hustle behind. Noosa beckons with its warm sun, leisurely beach vibes, vivid skies, and endless waves. Upon arrival at our hostel for the next three nights, savor a delightful lunch before venturing out to discover the wonders of the area.

Day 09: Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure! Journey with your group via private vehicle and ferry to K’gari, the renowned Fraser Island, for an authentic Aussie experience. Famous as the largest sand island globally, K’gari boasts a unique phenomenon where lush rainforests flourish amidst the sandy terrain. In the native Butchulla tongue, K’gari translates to paradise, offering breathtaking blue lakes, pristine creeks, towering dunes, and dense rainforests, creating a genuinely unparalleled destination. Explore the island’s wonders on a thrilling 4×4 tour spanning over 100km of beach, followed by a refreshing swim in the iconic Lake McKenzie. Keep your eyes peeled for the elusive Dingoes, a rare sight only found in this corner of Australia. Conclude your day’s escapade and return to Noosa filled with cherished memories of this remarkable journey.

Day 10: Savor a leisurely day in Noosa, exploring the charming boutiques lining Hasting Street for unique keepsakes, indulging in beachfront coffee, or catching waves in the ocean. Alternatively, unwind at the hostel or engage in nearby optional activities.

Day 11: Rise and shine to explore the breathtaking Australian coastline. Today, we’ll venture along the Noosa Coastal Track, treating our eyes to magnificent vistas and perhaps catching a glimpse of some adorable koalas above. We’ll wander along secluded beaches, eventually reaching Hell’s Gate. Later, we’ll rendezvous at the train station for an overnight journey to Airlie Beach—don’t forget to capture some Insta-worthy moments along the way!

Day 12: As you awaken, the train halts at your next stop. Remember those childhood fantasies of being marooned on a deserted island? (Or was it just us?) As you trek to an island viewpoint overlooking the renowned Whitehaven Beach, prepare to revive that castaway dream. Take in the sight of its powdery sands and the azure waters of the Coral Sea. It’s a scene you’ll never want to leave. And you’ve barely scratched the surface! After some leisure time soaking up the sun on the beach, you’ll sail to another secluded tropical island spot where the group will drop anchor for the night. Today’s sailing route traces part of Captain Cook’s journey through the Whitsunday Islands.

Day 13: Today’s forecast promises tranquility, bliss, and breathtaking vistas. Resist the urge to capture the moment on your device constantly; immerse yourself in the beauty of the Whitsunday Islands as we sail through. Whether swimming, snorkeling, or simply lounging on the deck, cherish every moment before we head to Airlie Beach for an evening of fun with your fellow adventurers. Make the most of this paradise, as opportunities like this are rare. Later, we return to Airlie Beach for a cozy night at a beach hostel. Unwind by the pool and savor the day’s experiences.

Day 14: Set off bright and early to soak in the picturesque views during the bus journey heading north to Cairns.

Additional Notes: Rise and shine early for our trip to Cairns. Pack some snacks and entertainment for the road – it might be a longer journey, but reaching The Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef makes it all worthwhile!

Day 15: Explore the vibrant warmth of Cairns, where temperatures rarely dip below 20°C (68°F), making it a haven for sun-seekers. Dive into the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef or take on thrilling adventures like whitewater rafting and skydiving. End your day with a lively soirée in Cairns with fellow travelers. Treat yourself to well-deserved drinks after a day of pushing your boundaries. Secure your spot for the “Great Barrier Reef Snorkeling” activity in advance to ensure availability. Upgrade to SCUBA diving may be possible, subject to Dive Instructors’ availability. Consult your CEO for details.

Day 16: Feel free to embark whenever suits you best.

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