Day 01: Upon arrival on day one, your guide will greet you at the airport. Navigate through the bustling streets of a vibrant Asian metropolis to reach your lodging. Take the opportunity to acclimate and mingle with the group upon settling in. If you arrive earlier, seize the chance to wander the city and indulge in some spontaneous shopping. Later, dine with your newfound One Life companions, forging bonds over dinner and drinks.

 Day 02: Exciting times ahead as we venture towards Palawan! Our journey begins with a quick flight to the southern tip of the Palawan archipelago. Upon arrival, we settle into our guest house before embarking on a unique experience at the Iwahig Prison. Here, an unconventional setup prevails – a prison without walls, where inmates manage daily affairs and even elect their mayor! Engage with the inmates, listen to their tales, and gain insights into their lives. Later, unwind by the pool with 2-for-1 cocktails and savor a delightful Filipino feast.

 Day 03: Following a swift breakfast, we venture to the renowned Underground River, navigating through its mesmerizing subterranean waterways by boat. Later, we journey from Puerto Princesa to the picturesque fishing village of Port Barton. Here, you’ll experience the essence of paradise, with even greater delights awaiting. Relax your evening away, indulging in freshly cracked coconuts on pristine sands, serenaded by island reggae tunes. Accommodations are simple yet cozy, perfectly situated right by the beach.

Day 04 – 05: Hop aboard our exclusive One Life vessel for an unforgettable island-hopping adventure, culminating at our secluded tropical beach retreat. Far from ordinary, our camp boasts hammocks, volleyball courts, and a charming treehouse crafted just for you. Nestled on a pristine shore, our haven offers snorkeling with turtles, island exploration, and lively beach games complemented by refreshing drinks. Embark on a journey with our private boat to discover local island life. Gather around our beach ‘bar’ at sunset for breathtaking views. For the daring, a hidden rainforest waterfall awaits on day two. Leave the worries of meals behind as our guides catch fresh fish for sumptuous feasts. Weather permitting, we’ll visit nearby island schools to connect with local children and gain insight into their unique upbringing.

Day 06: As the sun rises, we board a bus bound for El Nido, poised to discover the enchanting allure of Palawan. Upon arrival, the breathtaking scenery of islands and cliffs reaffirms its title as the world’s most captivating island group. El Nido, a hidden gem, beckons us with its secluded charm. After marveling at nature’s wonders, we’ll retreat to the uniquely chic One Life hostel, resembling more a boutique haven than a traditional backpacker’s stop. Once settled, evenings come alive at our cherished beach bars, promising delectable cuisine and unforgettable moments of merriment.

Day 07: Prepare to dive into the vibrant tapestry of Filipino culture! Embark on a brief trek through the dense jungle, discovering the diverse flora and fauna that thrive in this verdant landscape. Our destination? An exclusive jungle retreat where a plethora of exciting activities await. From mastering the art of Filipino cuisine to scaling coconut trees, engaging in traditional stick fighting, and trying your hand at coconut crafting and leaf weaving, there’s something for everyone. Cap off the day with an optional zipline adventure, soaring above the crystal-clear waters between two picturesque islands, before unwinding on the breathtaking shores of Las Cabanas Beach. It’s a thrilling escapade followed by a blissful day of relaxation, promising memories to last a lifetime!

Day 08: Experience the essence of El Nido today with our renowned island-hopping adventure. Glide through crystal-clear waters, explore vibrant reefs, and catch glimpses of exotic wildlife. Indulge in a delectable seafood buffet amidst chill-out vibes and live music onboard. Capture unforgettable moments – whether it’s a sunset backflip or simply unwinding on deck. Cherish these blissful moments with your One Life companions.

Day 09: At sunrise, we ascend a cliff overlooking El Nido Bay, treating ourselves to breathtaking vistas. Following this energizing start, unwind with a soothing full-body massage to alleviate any muscle tension. Today is yours to luxuriate in the tranquility or venture out to explore. Seek tips from your guide on hidden gems or embark on your discovery journey!

Day 10: Regrettably, every journey has its conclusion. For a hassle-free return to Manila from El Nido, consider the small airport option, albeit slightly pricier. This saves you the trouble of backtracking to Puerto Princesa for your departure (visit Air Swift’s website).

On the flip side, if your destination is Puerto Princesa, be prepared for a 5.5-hour journey from our last stop. To catch your flight, aim for departures after 3 PM. Our guide can arrange van transfers throughout the day, inclusive of your tour package (departure on day 10).

As an adventure tour operator, we go beyond the ordinary, showcasing the pristine beauty of Palawan. In remote areas like Port Barton, facilities may be basic. Embrace this as part of the adventure!

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