Kilimanjaro Climb Rongai Route

Climb Kilimanjaro: Rongai Route

 Day 01: Our journey commences from our Marangu lodging. Later today, we’ll convene for a trip briefing. Remember to carry your passport, insurance, and air ticket information. The briefing will comprehensively outline your adventure and also provide any pre-booked equipment.

 Day 02: Upon finishing the essential registration procedures, we embark on a road journey to Nale Moru (6,400ft/1,950m) to initiate our ascent along this pristine wilderness trail. Our journey commences with a leisurely half-day trek along a narrow path cutting through agricultural land and pine groves. Gradually ascending through the forest, we encounter diverse wildlife sheltered within. By late afternoon, we arrive at our initial overnight halt, nestled at the periphery of the moorland zone (8,530ft/2,600m).

 Day 03: Embark on a morning hike to Second Cave, offering breathtaking vistas of Kibo’s eastern icefields. Following lunch, veer off the main path to traverse the moorland toward Mawenzi’s rugged peaks. Arrive at our campsite nestled in a tranquil valley near Kikelewa Caves by late afternoon.

Day 04: Ascending the grassy slopes offers breathtaking vistas of the Kenyan plains to the north. Upon reaching Mawenzi Tarn (14,200ft/4,330m), nestled dramatically in a cirque below Mawenzi’s imposing cliffs, the vegetation thins out. The remainder of the afternoon is yours to relax or venture out for some acclimatization exploration.

Day 05: Departing from our picturesque campsite, we embark on a journey across the barren expanse known as the Saddle, nestled between Mawenzi and Kibo peaks, until we arrive at the Kibo campsite located at the base of the Kibo crater wall, standing at an elevation of 15,420ft (4,700m), just as the afternoon approaches. The ensuing hours are dedicated to rejuvenating our energy for the impending final ascent, followed by an early night’s rest.

Day 06: At the stroke of midnight, guided only by flickering torchlight, we embark on the most challenging leg of our ascent. The frigid air bites as we tread cautiously through the darkness, navigating a winding path strewn with volcanic scree towards Gillman’s Point (18,650ft/5,685m). Pausing briefly, we witness the breathtaking spectacle of dawn breaking over Mawenzi. For the resilient few, a three-hour journey along the snow-cloaked rim leads to the pinnacle of Kilimanjaro, Uhuru Peak (19,340ft/5,895m), passing by awe-inspiring glaciers and ice formations. The descent to Kibo Hut (15,420ft/4,700m) is surprisingly swift, followed by a well-deserved break before continuing to our final campsite at Horombo (12,200ft/3,720m). This grueling day entails 11 to 15 hours of trekking at high altitude.

Day 07: Descending steadily while enjoying expansive vistas over the moorland brings us to the enchanting woodlands surrounding Mandara (8,860ft/2,700m), our initial halt along the Marangu route. Moving forward, we traverse semi-tropical foliage until reaching the national park gate at Marangu (6,000 ft/1,830 m). There, we bid farewell to our local guides, heading back to our hotel in Marangu by mid-afternoon to indulge in a refreshing shower and a cold beer, a fitting reward for our efforts.

Day 08: After your return flight schedule, you can choose to relax at the hotel or wander around the village for unique mementos. Extend your journey by discussing with your sales representative options such as a thrilling safari spanning three national parks in three days or a relaxing getaway to Zanzibar after your climb.

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