Japan Journey

Japan Journey

 Day 01: Landed in Japan! Welcome to a realm of rich culture, where stunning landscapes, dazzling neon, culinary excellence, and deep history merge. Here, sake warms or chills the soul, mountains gleam under snowy caps, temples exude serene aromas, and cutting-edge tech leads globally. Japan, a dreamland, leaves every visitor in awe. Check into your Tokyo-style hostel, where your guide awaits. Tonight, we dive into the flavors of Japan and introduce you to your fellow explorers. Our adventure includes a visit to the iconic Senso-Ji Temple in Tokyo, a marvel in red that comes alive in the tranquility of the evening. Experience the magic, from the scent of incense to the ritual of fortune-telling, in a moment that defines the essence of Japan.

 Day 02: Our day begins with a brief orientation on essential Japanese customs and phrases, equipping you to navigate the country with ease. After mastering the basics, we’ll explore Harajuku, the heart of Japanese teen pop culture. Next, we’ll seek tranquility at Yoyogi Park and admire the majestic Mei-ji Shrine. As evening falls, we’ll immerse ourselves in the neon spectacle of Akihabara, Tokyo’s electric town, complete with a visit to the Sega Centre. Armed with a map of top recommendations, you’re set to discover the best of the area.

 Day 03: After breakfast, we’ll dive into an exclusive sushi-making class, mastering Miso soup, three sushi varieties, and the art of Teriyaki! For those preferring a vegetarian option, please inform One Life/your guide at least a week in advance. After our sushi feast, we’ll return to the hostel for a brief refresh, then venture out to Shinjuku for an enticing Yakitori and beer dinner. Our day concludes with a stroll through Kabukicho, capped off by witnessing the iconic Shibuya Pedestrian Crossing.

Day 04: Departing Tokyo today, we embark aboard the Romance Car to the breathtaking town of Hakone, nestled in the mountains. Upon settling into our mountain guesthouse, our adventure continues as we traverse the area using various modes of transport, including the renowned Romance Car. Hakone’s allure lies in its exquisite cuisine and the mesmerizing views of Mt. Fuji on a sunny day. Following a day filled with exploration and capturing memories of Japan’s iconic peak, we’ll enjoy a traditional Japanese Nabe dinner at our guesthouse and wind down with family games into the night.

Day 05: Today, we embark on a journey aboard the bullet train, an impressive marvel of technology that speeds us through the countryside. Don’t miss the breathtaking mountain vistas en route to the UNESCO-listed Takayama. Tonight, our unique lodging is a beautiful Japanese temple, offering an unparalleled experience with beds on traditional tatami mats. In the evening, we’ll indulge in authentic Sake Tasting and savor the renowned Hida beef. This experience culminates in a serene, mindful stay, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep in the temple.

Day 06: In the morning, your guide will lead you through Takayama’s charming old town and village, ensuring we pause for lunch before catching the train to Nagoya and our last bullet train to Kyoto. Known for its temples, shrines, and Geishas, Kyoto offers a tranquil escape and the chance to wander its quaint lanes. Come evening, we’ll explore the Gion district of Kyoto, renowned for its Geisha culture. With some luck, you might even catch a glimpse of one.

Day 07: In the break of dawn, we’ll hop on the subway heading to Fushimi-Inari Shrine, aiming to beat the tourist rush. Amidst the maze of scarlet gates, we’ll traverse the mountain’s paths. Next, we’ll ascend to Kiyomizu-Dera temple, renowned for its serene bamboo and wooden architecture. Participating in a customary ritual, you’ll then have the rest of the day to uncover Kyoto’s treasures at your leisure.

Day 08: This morning, our journey begins at the mesmerizing Golden Pavilion, an exquisite structure adorned in gold, set amidst serene lakes reflecting its grandeur. Next, we venture to Daitoku-Ji, a tranquil enclave of temples, offering a genuine escape from the bustling tourist hubs, allowing you to immerse yourself in pure tranquility. Later in the day, we delve into the ancient art of Kendo at its birthplace, under the guidance of a true Bushido master, a descendant of the revered Japanese Samurai Warriors, imparting the essence of this revered martial tradition.

Day 09: Let’s kick off the day by escaping the crowds and hopping on a train to Arashiyama. This picturesque area boasts lush valleys hugged by mountains and a river winding through. We’ll start with a stroll through the enchanting bamboo forest, followed by a hike up Monkey Mountain. After descending, we’ll glide through the valleys on a private rowboat, Japanese style. Returning to our hostel, we’ll check out and head to Osaka. Once settled in, we’ll dive into the culinary delights of Dotonbori on a food tour, experiencing the city through its flavors. Wrapping up the day, we’ll embrace Japanese tradition with a round of karaoke.

Day 10: As the fog of last night’s revelries clears, it’s time to bid farewell to your companions and the newfound friends you’ve connected with during your tour. We trust our journey has unveiled Japan’s finest offerings for you to cherish.

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