Jewel of the Nile

 Day 01: Embark on a journey through Tasmania’s rugged West Coast, beginning with captivating walks and breathtaking sights. Explore Mount Field’s enchanting Russell Falls and towering trees, then marvel at the serenity of Lake St Clair within Cradle Mountain–Lake St Clair National Park. Traverse through the stunning landscapes of Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, adorned with mountains, plains, and rainforests. Pause in Queenstown to delve into Tasmania’s rich pioneer history before reaching the charming village of Strahan. Spend two nights here, where our guides might just lead you to spot a playful platypus.

Accommodation: Strahan

Day 02: Discover the secluded beauty of Montezuma Falls nestled amidst the lush ancient rainforests of Tarkine/takayna. Venture back to the coast to marvel at the vast expanse of Henty Sand Dunes. Alternatively, opt for the unforgettable Gordon River Cruise (additional fee) to delve into the wonders of Macquarie Harbour and the World Heritage Area. Conclude the day with a visit to the windswept Ocean Beach, Tasmania’s lengthiest sandy shoreline, where you can relish in the purest air on Earth.

Stay: Strahan

Day 03: Discover the allure of Cradle Mountain National Park, a premier hiking haven nestled in the heart of Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area. Immerse yourself in its glacial-carved beauty and abundant wildlife, with a chance to spot wombats at Ronny Creek. Embark on your adventure, whether scaling Marion’s Lookout for breathtaking views or strolling the enchanting Dove Lake Circuit. Our journey continues to Sheffield, renowned for its vibrant murals, before arriving at historic Launceston, one of Australia’s oldest cities.

Stay: Launceston

Day 04: Discover the enchanting Cataract Gorge in Launceston, just minutes away from the city center. Embark on a brief stroll amidst this natural sanctuary, with a chance encounter with wallabies along the way. Following this, embark on a picturesque journey to the East Coast, passing by St Columba Falls to marvel at towering tree ferns. Indulge in a delicious lunch at St Helen’s before immersing yourself in Tasmania’s finest beaches, including the renowned Bay of Fires/larapuna, where you’ll learn about its cultural significance to the Tasmanian Aboriginal people/palawa. Take in the awe-inspiring coastal vistas before heading to the laid-back town of Bicheno, renowned for its resident little penguins.

Stay: Bicheno

Day 05: Today’s agenda revolves around discovering the breathtaking beauty of Freycinet National Park. Whether it’s unwinding on pristine white-sand shores, strolling to Wineglass Bay beach or lookout, or opting for a thrilling ascent up Mt Amos, there’s something for everyone. Reach the summit for unparalleled views of Freycinet’s majestic pink granite peaks, hidden coves, and coastal landscapes. After taking in the mesmerizing sights from the Cape Tourville lighthouse overlooking the Tasman Sea, we’ll conclude our Tasmania tour as we journey along the Great Eastern Drive towards Hobart/nipaluna.

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