Southern Norway

Southern Norway

 Day 01: The eagerly awaited day has finally dawned! Seated in the plane, excitement builds with ascending altitude. Oslo unfolds below like a miniature land, and within minutes, you’re immersed in its midst. Your rental car awaits at the airport, so waste no time and embark on some city sightseeing along the fjord. Even if Oslo is in the rearview, the majestic fjords are never far, offering continuous breathtaking views. Consider a brief detour to Slemmestad en route to your hotel for a delightful snack and a fjord-side stroll. The Norwegian air already holds promise, prompting you to swiftly resume your journey. Meadows grow greener, expanses broaden, and hilly landscapes draw near. Rest awaits at the Quality Hotel River Station in Drammen, nestled by the river Drammenselva, marking the end of today’s travels. Exciting days lie ahead! Driving distance: Oslo Airport to Larvik is approximately 91.6 km (via E6 and E18).

Day 02: Enjoyed a hearty breakfast? Excellent! Time to kick off your day with a journey to the edge of the world. It might sound paradoxical, but that’s what adds a touch of curiosity, doesn’t it? Known as Verden’s End in Norwegian, this stretch of land reaches into the Oslo Fjord, offering nothing but rugged rocks and the smooth expanse of water interrupted by scattered skerries – a perfect spot for hiking and even a refreshing swim! Capture a photo of the charming Vippefyret lighthouse before continuing your road trip. The coastal town of Kragerø, with its white wooden houses, awaits your admiration next, and the panoramic view from Veten over the island of Øya and Kragerø itself is simply breathtaking. Don’t miss the chance to explore the cozy harbor of Risør with its enticing aroma of cinnamon buns. If you’re up for it, rent a boat in Gjeving and embark on a discovery tour among the skerries, enriching your photo collection with images of Lyngør fyr standing proudly on one of them. As you hike through the coastal forest in Kalvehageneset, pause for a break with a view of Homborsund Fyr. Before reaching your accommodation, take a trip back in time to the historic fishing village of Brekkestø, nestled between towering cliffs and adorned with vibrant wooden houses. In Kristiansand, the southern Norway capital, experience a contrasting world of street art, traditional wooden houses in the old town, and the pristine white sands of Bystranda beach. Anticipate a cozy night at Comfort Hotel Kristiansand, ready to dive into your dream world. Driving distance: Narvik accommodation to Kristiansand accommodation is approximately 280 km (via E18).

Day 03: Wake up to nature’s alarm clock – the sun’s gentle rays weaving through the charming alleys of white wooden houses! Your day starts early, and the lure of Preikestolen awaits. The journey from Kristiansand to Stavanger, traversing from stony coastal landscapes to vibrant meadows. Notice the enchanting play of ever-changing light? That’s the signature of this renowned region! Infamous yet celebrated, Preikestolen’s rocky plateau rightly steals the spotlight. Armed with provisions and sturdy boots, embark on this thrilling adventure! Even as you reach the summit, the breathtaking sight awaits – a sheer 600-meter drop to the Lysefjord below, laying the world at your feet. Experience goosebumps and pure exhilaration! Allocate four hours for the ascent and descent, then return to the hotel. Collapse into a comfortable bed, savoring a well-earned rest! Distance to cover: Kristiansand accommodation to Stavanger accommodation is approximately 230 km (via E39).

Day 04: Embark on today’s extraordinary road trip, offering two distinct paths: one along the enchanting North Sea coastline with its islands and bridges, and the other leading to majestic waterfalls. The coastal route promises a dreamy fjord panorama, ferry crossings, and invigorating North Sea breezes. Alternatively, the waterfall trail begins with the motto “The way is the goal.” Experience the awe-inspiring Langfossen, Norway’s fifth-highest waterfall, and the stunning Låtefossen with its cascading streams. Complete the trio with Steinsdalsfossen, allowing you to walk behind the waterfall without getting wet. If you set out early, consider taking the optional Fløibanen in Bergen for panoramic city and fjord views. Your anticipation for tomorrow’s stay at the centrally located designer Hotel Zander K in Bergen will be heightened. Alternatively, indulge in an upgrade to Hotel Bergen Børs, a historic building with an elegant ambiance and views of the harbor and fish market. Choose your route: Accommodation Stavanger – Accommodation Bergen approx. 211 km (via ferry Mortavika-Arsvågen, E39) or the alternative route approx. 327 km (via Fv7, ferry Mortavika-Arsvågen/E39).

Day 05: Early rising holds its charm today. The day’s agenda promises an abundance of experiences. If Bergen escaped your attention yesterday, now is the perfect moment to explore its romantic alleys in the Hanseatic district of Bryggen, adorned with colorful wooden houses and the renowned fish market – a must-see for Norway enthusiasts. Next on the list is Flåm, a picturesque village nestled amidst a mountain landscape featuring thundering waterfalls and deep valleys, situated directly on the Aurlandsfjord. Flåm is a living postcard, and the highlight awaits when you embark on the Flåm Railway, offering breathtaking views of the surroundings through its train windows (consider booking tickets online in advance). This railway not only claims the title of the steepest but also one of the world’s most beautiful, spiraling 870 meters up into the mountains, treating you to incredible vistas of foaming waterfalls, abandoned mountain farms, and snow-covered peaks.

After this unforgettable train journey, step on the gas pedal of your rental car and make your way to Hemsedal. En route, don’t miss the detour to the Stegastein lookout, where the extraordinary viewing platform perched 650 meters above the Aurlandsfjord will undoubtedly leave you spellbound. The platform, clinging for 30 meters to the mountainside through which the majestic fjord meanders, provides an unparalleled view. Today’s mountain experiences have been nothing short of amazing, making an overnight stay amidst nature’s forces a fitting choice. The Fyri Resort, living up to its title as “Scandinavian’s Mountain Pool Club No. 1,” warmly welcomes you with heated pools and a uniquely stylish ambiance, ensuring a magical stay. Your driving route: Zander K Hotel to Hemsedal accommodation, approximately 275 km via E16.

Day 06: Embrace the journey; it is the ultimate destination! Traverse the captivating Norwegian scenery at a leisurely pace, savoring each moment as you approach the final leg of your adventure. Your route takes you through Hallingdal Valley, with a delightful pit stop at Sokna’s charming restaurant. As Lake Tyrifjord signals your approach to Oslo, your accommodation in the heart of the city awaits—a haven for relaxation or a launchpad for new discoveries. Explore Vigeland Sculpture Park or indulge in the exclusive offerings of Bogstadveien. Regardless of your choice, as you retire for the night, plan for the surprises Oslo has in store for you. Hemsedal to Oslo via Sokna, a scenic 205 km journey (via Rv7).

Day 07: Swap dizzying heights and waterfalls for the vibrant pulse of the city. If you find yourself in Oslo, you’re in for a treat! Kick off your day with a unique breakfast surrounded by books and washing machines at Café Laundromat. Our insider recommendation guarantees both visual delight and satisfaction. Recharge your energy, and if you missed it yesterday, explore the whimsical sculptures in Frogner and Vigeland Park before heading to the iconic red city hall, where the Nobel Peace Prize is honored in its brightly painted halls. Another gem is the Opera House, resembling icebergs on the Oslo shore. Take a breath of fresh sea air from its rooftop for a perfect view of the bay and offshore islands. For food enthusiasts, the Vippa food court offers a variety of street food delights in its vibrant halls. Need a stroll? Bask in the evening sun by the harbor, daydream a little, and perhaps chance upon Akershus Fortress – a medieval treasure waiting to be explored!

Day 08: Farewells are inevitably tough, and bidding adieu to the breathtaking landscapes of Norway adds an extra layer of difficulty. Returning your rental car and boarding the plane are just logistical steps, but the cherished memories you carry will offer solace amid the farewell ache. Rest assured, a piece of “Norge” will forever reside in your heart post this unforgettable adventure.

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