Hiking Expedition in Norway

Hiking Expedition in Norway

 Day 01: Embark on your solo journey to Tromsø today. We’re here to assist you in securing the perfect flight. In the evening, join your tour guide and fellow travelers at the hotel for a delightful dinner, followed by a brief city stroll to acquaint yourself with serene Tromsø. Enjoy a 5-night stay in Tromsø. (A)

Day 02: Strap on your hiking boots for an exhilarating day in Norway’s unique mountain and fjord terrain. Begin by heading to the Arctic Sea Cathedral, renowned for its distinctive architecture and vibrant hues. Continue your journey to Fløya, Tromsø’s local mountain, enjoying breathtaking views of the city and fjords along the way. Keep an eye out for Hurtigruten ships in the distance. The snow-covered peaks reaching the Arctic Ocean will leave you in awe. After the descent (moderate, approx. 10 km, 4 hours, +/-600 m elevation gain), the day is yours to explore Tromsø. Wander through the tranquil town, visit the botanical garden, or indulge in a cozy café or boutique exploration. Enjoy your adventure! (F)

Day 03: Fuel up with breakfast to prepare for today’s scheduled hike. Embark on a brief scenic drive along the fjord to reach Skulsfjord, the starting point for your ascent of Guratind. Traverse the offbeat hiking trail and soak in breathtaking sea views (challenging, approx. 8 km, approx. 4 hours, +/-400 m ascent). In the evening, seize the chance to witness a unique highlight: the Northern Lights (optional, available from September, € 230 p.p., please book in advance). Join the optional Northern Lights safari to witness the mesmerizing dance of colors as the Aurora Borealis graces the northern sky, casting its spell over northern Norway. (F)

Day 04: Explore Tromsøya Island today with a flexible hike tailored to weather conditions. In Tromsø’s compact town, nature’s beauty is always nearby. Enjoy a closer look during today’s moderate 10 km hike (approximately 4 hours, +/-50 m elevation). Wrap up your day with a visit to the Polar Museum at the University of Tromsø, showcasing Norwegian polar expeditions and fishing traditions, including special exhibits on polar bears, Fridtjof Nansen, and Roald Amundsen. (F)

Day 05: Embrace your day with endless possibilities! Join a guided hike, like the one to Ersfjordbotn, weather permitting. Opt for a thrilling fjord boat tour to Hella (optional, book on-site) or explore a husky farm (optional, book on-site). For independent exploration, consider Ølhallen Brewery, among the northernmost of its kind. Your guide offers diverse options and valuable tips for your day off. (F)

Day 06: After spending five peaceful nights in this charming town, bid farewell to Tromsø today and journey to the mainland. It’s an excellent spot for hiking, and a brief trek up Movikhamran offers a stunning view of Ringvassøy’s islands (moderate, about 10 km, around 4 hours, +/-350 m ascent). Revisit Tromsø briefly, pack your bags, and proceed along the coast to the Sommarøy peninsula – a pristine natural haven adorned with scenic sandy beaches. Take a brief stroll to acquaint yourself with the surroundings. Enjoy a two-night stay on Sommarøy. (F/A)

Day 07: Embark on today’s hike from our hotel. Enjoy an effortless 6 km trail leading to a nearby hill, offering a breathtaking view of clear waters below (moderate difficulty, approx. 3 hours, +/-210 m ascent). Northern Norway’s elevated beaches are surprising with their unique beauty, featuring white sands and azure seas framed by mountains and fjords. Opt for an additional beach hike to Ørnfløya with the guide in the afternoon. Wrap up your journey by sharing experiences with fellow travelers during the farewell dinner on the last evening of your round trip. (F/A)

Day 08: Following breakfast, each person will commence their solo journey homeward. Depending on the flight schedule, there might be a chance to enjoy a relaxed stroll around Sommarøy. (F)

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