Antarctic Wildlife

Antarctic Wildlife

 Day 01: Arrive in Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city, marking the beginning of our Antarctic journey. Upon arrival at the airport, our team will warmly welcome you and escort you to a comfortable hotel, pre-arranged and included in your itinerary. Spend the day exploring this dynamic port city, perhaps visiting the intriguing Museo del Fin del Mundo for insights into local history and wildlife. Optional nature activities abound, from hiking in Tierra del Fuego National Park to wildlife spotting in the Beagle Channel. In the evening, indulge in Patagonian lamb or fresh Fuegian seafood at one of Ushuaia’s many restaurants.

Day 02: Following a delightful breakfast at your hotel, the morning unfolds with endless possibilities in Ushuaia. Wander along the picturesque waterfront, marveling at the majestic Martial Range’s snow-dusted peaks, the southernmost extension of the Andes. Take advantage of the shops for souvenirs or any last-minute cold-weather essentials. Don’t forget, your own parka and waterproof boots await you on the ship. For lunch, explore the array of cafes, parrillas, and gelato shops lining Avenida San Martín. In the afternoon, transfer to the pier where a warm welcome awaits you aboard the luxurious M/V Sea Spirit. Settle into your spacious suite and acquaint yourself with the vessel that will be your home during this extraordinary journey. As we set sail, immerse yourself in a full schedule of informative briefings and introductions from our experienced expedition staff. After a sumptuous dinner, step onto the open decks to admire the breathtaking scenery and evening light as we navigate the Beagle Channel.

Day 03: Navigating through the Beagle Channel and skirting past the Tierra del Fuego archipelago, our journey veers northeast toward the Falkland Islands. Vigilant for dolphins and whales, we rely on the ship’s stabilizing fins for reassurance amidst turbulent waters. Engaging presentations by our experts anticipate our imminent arrival in the Falklands.

Day 04 – 05: The Falkland Islands, with their remote charm, offer a haven for bird enthusiasts. Our itinerary includes two days exploring the outer islands, where vast colonies of penguins and albatross await. Additionally, these waters are rich in marine life, boasting sightings of Peale’s dolphins and Commerson’s dolphins. Weather permitting, we’ll navigate through these windswept islands, with a visit to Stanley, the quaint capital. Here, attractions like the Falkland Islands Museum, the governor’s residence, and waterfront views of shipwrecks await, promising a delightful experience.

Day 06 – 07: Departing from the Falkland Islands, our journey takes us eastward towards South Georgia. En route, we’ll traverse the Antarctic Convergence, marking the distinctive biological divide of the Southern Ocean. Expert briefings, rigorous bio-security protocols, and enlightening lectures equip you for our imminent arrival at South Georgia.

Day 08 – 12: Embark on an authentic expedition cruise where our journey through South Georgia is dictated by the whims of the weather. Led by seasoned experts, our itinerary adapts to nature’s ever-changing conditions, ensuring optimal exploration. With every safe opportunity, we venture ashore into this breathtaking wilderness, renowned for its abundant subantarctic wildlife. From towering albatross to playful penguins, the islands teem with life, including millions of seals and an increasing number of whales in the surrounding waters. The recent eradication of rats promises an even more pristine habitat for the myriad bird species. Explore historic sites like Grytviken, home to the South Georgia Museum and the final resting place of Ernest Shackleton. Days are filled with enriching excursions, delicious meals, expert presentations, and countless opportunities for unforgettable encounters with nature.

Day 13 – 14: Heading westward towards the Antarctic Peninsula, we traverse waters teeming with pelagic seabirds, among them the magnificent albatross. Whether from expansive open decks or the vantage points of exterior staterooms, guests can easily behold these majestic creatures. Additionally, we may chance upon colossal tabular icebergs, making their way north from the Weddell Sea.

Day 15 – 18: The Antarctic Peninsula boasts some of Earth’s most breathtaking landscapes and unparalleled wildlife encounters. Its protected bays and towering mountains draped in perpetual snow, along with vast glaciers and icebergs, create a scene of unparalleled beauty. Teeming waters harbor diverse whale and seal species, while lively penguin colonies dot the land. Research stations from various nations add to the region’s allure. The South Shetland Islands, our likely first glimpse of land, offer rich wildlife and historic sites, including Elephant Island, linked to Shackleton’s Endurance expedition. Further south, the Gerlache Strait beckons with its scenic splendor and accessible wildlife. However, Antarctica’s wildness means our journey is shaped by unpredictable weather and shifting ice, ensuring each expedition is a true adventure, maximizing wildlife encounters and scenic explorations via Zodiac excursions.

Day 19 – 20: Now, we set a course northward through the Drake Passage bound for South America. But the journey’s excitement remains unabated as we eagerly spot marine life and seabirds amidst the untamed waves. Our days are filled with celebratory events like the Captain’s Farewell Cocktail and the voyage-end slideshow. As we glide into the serene Beagle Channel, we anticipate a tranquil night voyage to Ushuaia.

Day 21: Following breakfast, we bid adieu in Ushuaia, our journey’s beginning point. We offer group transfers to either the airport or town center for those wanting to extend their stay. Reflecting on your extraordinary Antarctic voyage, anticipation for future icy escapades may already be stirring within you!

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