Day 01: Arrive at your hotel either in vibrant Catania or the charming coastal gem of Acitrezza, renowned for its stunning Faraglioni formations (private transfer available upon request). Enjoy dinner at your leisure and spend the night at the hotel.

Day 02: After enjoying breakfast at the hotel, we’ll set off to explore Syracuse, renowned as the most magnificent Greek colony in Sicily and a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Our first stop is the Archaeological Park of Neapolis, showcasing impressive landmarks like the Greek Theatre, the Roman Amphitheatre, and the Latomie of Paradise. We’ll also marvel at the Ear of Dionysius. Next, we’ll venture to Ortigia, a charming island and the historic heart of Syracuse. Here, we’ll be captivated by the majestic Cathedral, which conceals its ancient origins as a Doric temple behind a striking Sicilian-Baroque façade. Strolling through Piazza Duomo, we’ll arrive at a scenic terrace overlooking the famous Arethusa’s Fountain, a renowned freshwater source from the Greek era. After some leisure time for lunch, we’ll journey to Noto, the epitome of Sicilian Baroque architecture and another UNESCO gem. Noto’s streets are adorned with magnificent buildings from the early 18th century, crafted from local limestone that gleams golden under the sun. We’ll visit the exquisite Palazzo Nicolaci Villadorata, a splendid example of Baroque elegance. You’ll have free time to explore the town’s enchanting streets before we head to Ragusa for dinner and overnight accommodation.

Day 03: Embark on a journey through Ragusa Ibla, famed for its Sicilian Baroque charm and featured in the beloved Inspector Montalbano series. Explore its 50-plus churches and ornate architecture before marveling at the Cathedral in Dome Square and strolling through the enchanting Giardino Ibleo for panoramic views. Next, immerse yourself in Modica’s UNESCO-listed Baroque wonders, pausing for a delectable chocolate tasting at Sabadì, renowned for its award-winning treats. Indulge in Sicilian flavors amidst the picturesque Orti di San Giorgio gardens before heading to Piazza Armerina to admire the vibrant mosaics of Villa Romana del Casale, another UNESCO gem. Finally, journey on to Agrigento for dinner and rest at your hotel.

Day 04: Today’s journey begins in Agrigento, where we’ll explore the renowned Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site hailed as “the most beautiful city of mortals” by Pindar. Amongst the almond trees, remnants of the ancient Akragas await, including the awe-inspiring “Temple of Hera”, the majestic “Temple of Concordia”, and the legendary “Temple of Heracles”.

Next, we’ll venture to the picturesque town of Marsala, famously visited by Garibaldi in 1860. Marsala’s vibrant Mediterranean charm, with its captivating hues of yellow, blue, red, white, and green, will enchant you. A guided tour of the historic Florio Cellars awaits, where ancient giant vats and fascinating barrel chambers house the aging Marsala wines. Indulge in a delightful light lunch and an unforgettable wine-tasting experience in the avant-garde tasting rooms.

Our journey continues along the Salt Road, tracing the ancient salt-extracting industry between Trapani and Marsala. This historic route, now a sanctuary for diverse birdlife and industrial archaeology, offers a glimpse into one of the world’s oldest salt industries. Finally, we’ll transfer to Palermo for accommodation, allowing you to savor a free evening and a restful overnight stay.

Day 05: Following a delightful breakfast at the hotel, the morning unfolds with a visit to Monreale, home to the awe-inspiring Norman Cathedral, hailed as the Eighth Wonder of the World, and its magnificent Arab-Norman style Cloister—a true marvel of art, sculpture, and intricate semi-precious stone craftsmanship. Later, immerse yourself in the captivating charm of Palermo, renowned for its rich history and artistic heritage. Nestled against the backdrop of Mount Pellegrino, described by Goethe as the most enchanting headland he had ever beheld, Palermo showcases a captivating blend of architectural styles, reflecting its diverse multicultural legacy. Explore its eclectic treasures, from Punic walls to Art Nouveau villas, noble residences to 17th-century squares, and the elegant opera house. Marvel at the splendid Cathedral, the astonishing Martorana Church, and the remarkable Cappella Palatina—a testament to the harmonious coexistence of diverse cultures, religions, and ideologies. Enjoy a stop for a delightful lunch featuring local delicacies along the way, while taking in sights like the renowned Teatro Massimo and the controversial fountain in Pretoria Square, adorned with 16th-century sculptures, nestled in the historic Kalsa area. Conclude the day with dinner at your leisure and a comfortable overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 06: Following breakfast, embark on a journey to Cefalù, a captivating Medieval town nestled along Sicily’s northern coastline. Explore its remarkable Norman Dome and relish in leisurely moments to wander the charming streets or explore the renowned Mandralisca Museum. Indulge in a delectable lunch at a renowned restaurant en route. Upon arrival in Catania, delve into the UNESCO World Heritage Site of its historic center, characterized by original Baroque architecture and distinctive streets crafted from black lava stone. The cityscape boasts a striking contrast of black and dark grey buildings accented with white limestone details, exuding an air of timeless elegance. Begin your walking tour at the picturesque Duomo Square, home to the magnificent Cathedral and the iconic “Liotru” statue, an ancient lava-stone elephant symbolizing the city. Meander through University Square and along the splendid baroque Via dei Crociferi, a quintessential 18th-century street adorned with architectural marvels, including the renowned S. Benedict Monastery, also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Conclude your exploration with a delightful break at a historic city center bar, savoring the traditional “granita & brioche.” Dinner arrangements are at your discretion, followed by an overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 07: In the morning, start your day with a quick exploration of Catania’s renowned “pescheria” fish market, followed by an adventure to Mount Etna, Europe’s highest volcano, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Traverse its vast regional park, spanning 59,000 hectares, showcasing unique geology, flora, fauna, and traditional crafts like beekeeping and wine-making. Admire breathtaking landscapes en route to Rifugio Sapienza, passing by the inactive Crateri Silvestri and ancient lava flows. Enjoy local honey and specialties before a delightful lunch at a nearby restaurant. Journey onward to Taormina, famed for its stunning vistas of Etna from its perch above the sea. Explore the Greek theatre with its mesmerizing views of Giardini Naxos Bay. Spend leisure time wandering medieval streets, shopping for local crafts like coral jewelry and ceramics. End the day with a scenic drive along the Riviera dei Ciclopi. Return to Catania for dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 08: Morning meal at the hotel followed by the conclusion of amenities.

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