Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

 Day 01: Receive a warm greeting from the Acampora family, your hosts at Hotel Due Torri, our week-long home base. Should time allow, we encourage you to discover the charming village of Bomerano, nestled high in the hills, offering a serene escape from the bustling Amalfi Coast below. Our welcome meeting at the hotel presents an excellent opportunity for you to familiarize yourself with your fellow travelers, meet our leader, and address any inquiries. Note: The itinerary may be rearranged to optimize conditions for our activities. Rest assured, all promised activities and services will be provided, with any adjustments communicated by your leader based on local assessments.

Day 02: A brief walk from the hotel brings us to the unique triangular village square of Bomerano, marking the beginning of our journey. Today’s circular hike is a perfect leg-stretcher, weaving through various paths to reach the summit of Monte Tre Calli. At the top, we’re greeted by breathtaking views of the rugged coastline and the vast expanse of the sea. Below, the Agerola Plain and Bomerano unfold, with the possibility of spotting Capri in the distance on a clear day—a famous retreat for artists and writers for two centuries. Following this visual feast, we’ll head back down to Bomerano for some well-deserved rest and a fulfilling dinner.

Day 03: Heading towards Amalfi, a town cherished by the British since the Edwardian era for its idyllic winter retreats, our journey descends from Bomerano, situated at 700 meters, down to the Mediterranean coast, offering stunning seaside vistas. Today’s path includes around 2,000 steps, yet there’s ample opportunity to pause and proceed at a leisurely pace. Upon arrival, the striking cathedral with its vibrant, tiled dome captures our attention, embodying the local architectural style with its baroque elements. Spend some time exploring Amalfi, take a dip in the bay, savor a gelato, and then catch a ride back to Bomerano.

Day 04: Embark on a journey to Vesuvius’s slopes to behold its crater, offering a panoramic view of the enchanting Bay of Naples, stretching from the regional hub of Naples to the lemon-scented town of Sorrento. Weather permitting, there’s an opportunity to explore further with a volcanologist (optional). Post-lunch, a bus takes us to Pompeii. Situated at the volcano’s base, overlooking the Gulf, this once bustling port was engulfed in ash during Vesuvius’s devastating eruption in 79 CE, preserving it under ash and pumice for millennia. Today, as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Pompeii offers a unique glimpse into ancient Roman life, with its well-preserved bathhouses, bakeries, and fresco-adorned homes. This afternoon, you’re invited to discover its ruins, possibly with a local guide for an in-depth experience.

Day 05: Our journey begins in the charming town of Ravello, cherished by the Bloomsbury group and numerous creatives for its remote allure and inspiring vistas. Before we embark, there’s an opportunity to explore Ravello and optionally visit the renowned Villa Cimbrone or Villa Rufolo, known for their stunning gardens and ocean views. The path we take is primarily downhill, yet be prepared for many steps. After a brief pause in the quaint village of Pontone, our trail leads us across wooden bridges and through paths shaded by trees and adorned with seasonal wildflowers, towards the enchanting, moss-covered waterfalls tucked away in the Valle delle Ferriere nature reserve. We’ll then meander gently down beside a stream, through lemon orchards and past remnants of ancient paper mills and medieval ironworks, culminating our scenic walk in Amalfi.

Day 06: Spend a leisurely day either unwinding at the hotel or exploring the coastline. The hotel offers private transfers to top sights, including the well-preserved ruins of Herculaneum, the stylish island of Capri with its scenic funicular ride, the charming streets of Sorrento, or the rich collections at Naples’ National Archaeological Museum. All these excursions are optional, based on availability, and incur additional costs that vary with group size. Our tour leader is on hand to help with reservations. Alternatively, relax by the pool or embrace the Italian café culture, enjoying an espresso as life bustles by.

Day 07: Embark on an unforgettable journey starting from our hotel in peaceful Bomerano. Joining the famed Sentiero degli Dei, we’re greeted with breathtaking panoramas of rugged cliffs and quaint villages against the backdrop of the Mediterranean. Following the undulating terrain, we encounter glimpses of local life amid shepherd huts and ancient stone dwellings. Descending into the vibrant enclave of Positano, nestled along the coast, immerse yourself in its charming alleys adorned with wisteria and upscale boutiques. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the region’s renowned smoked mozzarella, freshly crafted and savored before dinner. Conclude the day with a leisurely boat and bus ride back to Bomerano, soaking in the enchanting scenery.

Day 08: As dawn breaks, we bid farewell to our beloved breakfast spot in the hotel, a place that’s become as familiar as home. If your departure is scheduled for later today, feel free to indulge in the hotel amenities post-checkout and perhaps savor a leisurely lunch. Alternatively, seek advice from your guide for exciting village activities.

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