Kiwiana Panorama Reverse

Kiwiana Panorama Reverse

 Day 01: Greetings and welcome to Queenstown! Once you’ve settled into your hotel, the remainder of the afternoon is yours to explore why Queenstown is renowned as the ultimate adventure hub. Later, join the group to discuss and plan which thrilling activity to experience first. Let the adventures begin…

Day 02: Today offers the perfect opportunity to explore Queenstown and contemplate the array of activities available for the next two days. Begin your adventure at the iconic Kawarau Bungy Bridge, where you can kickstart your morning with an exhilarating leap at the birthplace of bungy jumping. Afterward, immerse yourself in the charm of Queenstown, nestled amidst the majestic Southern Alps, where adventure awaits alongside scenic beauty.

Day 03: In moments like these, your true traveler identity emerges, reflecting your essence as a human being. You could be the wanderer strolling through vineyards, uncovering hidden cellars and caves, or perhaps the adrenaline junkie squeezing in bungee jumps and ziplining adventures, always hungry for more. Your vacation is your canvas – paint it with your wildest desires.

Day 04: As our final day in the thrill-packed city draws near, seize the opportunity to break through your mental barriers and embrace adventure wholeheartedly. Conquer lingering fears and make the most of this beautiful region if you’ve had your fill of excitement yesterday.

Day 05: Let’s dial down the excitement and head towards the rugged West Coast with its majestic glaciers. Along our picturesque drive, we’ll pause for a meal in Wanaka, a charming ski village nestled by a lake and surrounded by mountains. This burgeoning destination is a must-visit, and indulging in a delicious pie at the ‘Dough Bin’ is a top priority. Our journey treats us to the stunning Hasast Pass, adorned with ancient rainforests, petite glaciers, and cascading waterfalls. Notice the scenery shift as we depart from Queenstown and traverse the Southern Alps. Tonight, we’ll reside in Franz Josef, a haven boasting lush bushlands and glaciers that nearly touch the ocean. Tomorrow, we’ll immerse ourselves in its wonders. Who’s ready for adventure?

Day 06: Today promises another exciting adventure as we venture onto Franz Josef Glacier. Choose between a helicopter ride over the glacier or the chance to craft your own Pounamu (jade) pendant with guidance from a Maori artisan. Pounamu holds deep cultural significance for the Māori, making this experience not only creative but also enriching in cultural understanding.

Day 07: With a newfound fascination for icy water, we reboard the coach and embark on our journey back to Christchurch. In Hokitika, a historic gold rush town, we witness skilled carvers shaping green jade and admire traditional Maori artwork. Continuing along the coastline, we arrive at one of the island’s most breathtaking locations. Traverse the highest and most stunning mountain pass in the Southern Alps while soaking in the picturesque landscapes. Tonight, we’ll rest soundly in Christchurch, reminiscing about the day filled with the enchanting beauty of New Zealand’s natural wonders.
Day 08: Embarking on an exhilarating journey through Christchurch this morning, a city reborn after the devastating earthquake. Keep an eye out for the unique Cardboard Cathedral, crafted predominantly from cardboard. Then, a breathtaking drive awaits as we ascend the South Island. Crossing the Canterbury Plains, our coach ventures towards Kaikoura. Here, amidst a coastal haven renowned for whales and dolphins, keep your cameras ready as we explore. A visit to a seal colony promises adorable moments as these creatures bask on the rocks. Later, we’ll meet Sabrina Leucht, a local wildlife biologist, at Kaikoura Wildlife Rescue, where she’s spearheading efforts for a dedicated wildlife hospital. We’ll discover local wildlife, their challenges, and how we can contribute positively. After a wildlife-filled day, we’ll settle into our seafront hotel and indulge in Kaikoura’s renowned crayfish cuisine for dinner.

Day 09: Enjoy a complimentary day, especially amidst the breathtaking scenery of Kaikoura! Dive into a whale-watching adventure, witnessing majestic sperm whales and delightful dolphins. Elevate your experience with optional activities like a scenic helicopter flight or a coastal kayak excursion. Extend the thrill with an overnight stay in Kaikoura before our journey to Christchurch tomorrow.

Day 10: Following breakfast, we’ll hop back onto the Contiki coach bound for Wellington, New Zealand’s capital since 1865, overtaking Auckland. About three decades later, Wellington’s parliament made history by granting women the right to vote, a groundbreaking move. Wellington is undeniably a captivating city. By afternoon, we’ll arrive in Wellington, ready for an immersive city tour. We’ll wander through the charming narrow streets, savor the diverse culinary offerings, and cap off the day with an exciting night out on the town.

Day 11: Excited to dive into Wellington’s charm? Today, let’s start with a visit to a local café to savor the iconic flat white coffee where it all began (apologies to our Australian friends). Energized and ready, we’ll venture to Zealandia, a vast 225-hectare eco-sanctuary safeguarding over 40 rare native wildlife species. Thanks to its secure fencing, you can stroll alongside extraordinary birds like the hihi and the takahē. Keep an eye out for the tuatara, a living fossil unique to New Zealand!

Day 12: We bid farewell to the captivating vistas of Wellington, gearing up for our next escapade—a truly bucket-list-worthy journey awaits. Ohakune hailed as the après-ski hub of the North Island, beckons with its serene ambiance and breathtaking panoramas. Today presents a choice: embark on a picturesque mountain biking adventure along the renowned “Old Coach Rd” or indulge in a day of snowy delights, honing your skills on the slopes or partaking in various winter activities. Afterward, cozy up in our exclusive ski lodge nestled at the foot of Mt. Ruapehu, promising an unforgettable stay.

Day 13: Start your day amidst the stunning backdrop of Mt. Ruapehu, taking in the breathtaking views of the volcano. You can kick off your morning with a thrilling mountain biking adventure along the renowned “Old Coach Rd” track in New Zealand. Then, we’ll journey to Taupō, where you can enjoy the majestic vistas of volcanic peaks and indulge in some trout fishing. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, skydiving awaits. As night falls, we’ll embark on a cruise across the lake, relishing in the sunset, fishing, and sharing a meal with our Contiki companions.

Day 14: As we depart from Lake Taupō, be on the lookout for more iconic scenes from ‘The Lord of the Rings’. Witness 220,000 liters (58,000 gallons) of water cascading over Huka Falls every second. Take a moment to absorb that. Impressive, isn’t it? When you catch a whiff of the distinctive sulfur odor, you’ll know we’ve reached Rotorua. Upon arrival, we delve into fascinating facts about New Zealand’s native birds and witness the miracle of new life unfolding before our eyes. Are you impressed yet? Whether you fancy a soak in a hot spring, a thrilling skydiving adventure, or a canopy tour, there’s ample opportunity to enjoy this town. Tonight, indulge in a Maori cultural performance and savor a Hāngi dinner, lovingly cooked underground.

Day 15: Embark on your journey through this natural haven of geothermal wonders. Whether you’re unwinding in hot springs, conquering rapids, or trekking up a volcano, the choices are endless, and the adventures are yours to embrace. For a unique experience, consider the Rotorua Dawn Canopy Tour, a Contiki exclusive. As the sun illuminates the sky, enjoy breakfast amidst the treetops, serenaded by the chirping of birds. Then, brace yourself for an exhilarating 1200m zipline ride through the lush forest canopy.

Day 16: Following a satisfying breakfast and a sip of caffeine, our journey will take us to Auckland, reaching by lunchtime to delve into the city’s wonders. Any suggestions for a Contiki coach playlist? Concluding our Contiki adventure in Auckland, we’ll indulge in a day filled with exploration and activities across the city. With an array of exciting Free-Time Add-Ons available, thrill-seekers can gear up for a bungee jump, harbor bridge climb, or sky jump off the Skywalk. For those preferring a grounded experience, why not tantalize your taste buds with a unique ice cream adventure at Giapo Chef’s Table? Alternatively, explore the city at your own pace on foot – what will captivate your interest today in this lively metropolis? As evening approaches, it’s time to bid adieu as our journey concludes here in Auckland. Farewell, New Zealand – you’ll forever remain in our memories!

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