Exploring the Charms of Japan

Exploring the Charms of Japan

 Day 01: Greetings in Tokyo! Upon your arrival and hostel check-in, take ample time to rejuvenate from your journey. Unwind before mingling with your fellow group members.

Day 02: Begin your journey with a stop at Senso-ji Temple, Tokyo’s ancient Buddhist sanctuary, followed by a visit to the Meiji Shrine. Dive into the vibrant world of Harajuku and witness the renowned Shibuya Crossing, claims to be the world’s most bustling intersection. As night falls, immerse yourself in Japan’s eccentric eateries and charmingly compact bars nestled in Shinjuku.

Day 03: We kick off our day satisfied, indulging in the secrets of sushi rolling under the guidance of a skilled master. Then, we venture into Tokyo for some leisurely exploration before immersing ourselves in the cutting-edge vibes of Akihabara. Known as the ‘Electric City,’ it pulsates with arcades, maid cafes, Japanese photo booths, and game centers.

Day 04: Embark on a thrilling ride aboard the renowned 200mph bullet train! Arrive in Nagano for a taste of ancient origami art, followed by a soothing soak in a volcanic Onsen. Tonight, immerse yourself in local living at a traditional Japanese Ryokan, where tatami mats and cozy futon bedding await.

Day 05: Today, let’s explore the intricacies of Japanese culinary art as we master the art of crafting our soba noodles. Following this, we’ll embark on an adventure through the mountains to encounter the renowned snow monkeys, and the mischievous Japanese Macaques, frolicking in the summer foliage and seeking warmth in winter’s natural hot springs. Finally, we’ll leisurely wander through the enchanting landscapes of Shiga Kogen National Park (summer), savoring the pure mountain breeze.

Day 06: Today, we embark on a high-speed journey via bullet train to the breathtaking Hakone, renowned in Japan for its mesmerizing vistas of Mount Fuji.

Day 07: Embark on a morning adventure in Hakone, sailing on a pirate ship and ascending by cable car for breathtaking views of Mount Fuji. Later, indulge in a complimentary BBQ dinner in Osaka before immersing in the vibrant nightlife, Osaka style. Unleash your inner karaoke star!

Day 08: Enjoy a leisurely morning unwinding or discovering Osaka’s fantastic shopping scene. Afterward, venture to the impressive Osaka Castle, standing for over four centuries. Explore Japanese history and the legendary Samurai warriors. Conclude the day with a visit to Dotonburi, renowned for its picturesque canal and delectable cuisine.

Day 09: Embarking on a unique journey today, we retreat to the mountains for an extraordinary adventure – spending the night in a millennium-old Buddhist temple nestled in the captivating town of Koyasan. Monks will guide us in meditation, and we’ll savor their traditional fare. As night falls, we’ll take a serene stroll through Japan’s largest cemetery.

Day 10: Embark on a memorable day as we rise early to witness Buddhist monks in a captivating morning prayer and fire ceremony. Delight in a monk-served traditional breakfast before heading to Kyoto, Japan’s ancient capital. Explore the enigmatic world of Geishas in Gion during an evening tour tonight.

Day 11: Ensure your phone is fully charged! Begin with a visit to the renowned Bamboo Grove in Arashiyama, an Instagram sensation. Next, explore the exquisite Golden Pavilion. Enjoy a free evening – dine at a sushi spot, discover a trendy bar, or engage in friendly competition with your friends at a bowling alley or arcade.

Day 12: Embark on an adventure through the enchanting Torii gates of Fushimi-Inari today! Discover the allure of Japan’s iconic shrine while navigating ancient mountain trails. In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the art of traditional swordsmanship with a dedicated Samurai master. Feel the precision of these weapons as you cut through rolled bamboo, channeling your inner warrior. As the day concludes, join us for a farewell dinner and drinks to celebrate our unforgettable time in Japan!

Day 13: Wrap up your incredible 13-day journey. Decide whether to head home, extend your stay in Kyoto, or embark on further adventures across Japan.

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