Japan Essence

Japan Essence

 Day 01: Greetings! Step into Japan’s charm as your journey kicks off in Tokyo, a vibrant modern metropolis that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. Join us at a welcome gathering at 6 pm tonight. If you arrive early, take the opportunity to explore at your own pace. Consider visiting the Sensoji Temple or the Imperial Palace for a taste of history, followed by a unique lunch experience at the Avatar Robot Café, where servers are operated by individuals with disabilities, creating meaningful employment opportunities. After the meeting, embark on a guided stroll through Tokyo’s bustling hub and perhaps join fellow travelers for an optional dinner. Let the adventure unfold!

Day 02: Embark on a morning exploration of Shibuya with your group. Witness the bustling Shibuya station intersection, pay homage to Hachiko’s statue, and treat yourself at a depachika food hall. Enjoy lunch in Yoyogi Park and then visit the historic Meiji Jingu Shrine. Spend the afternoon in the vibrant youth culture hub of Harajuku. The rest of the day is yours to discover – perhaps explore the Gotokuji Cat Temple or dive into Tokyo’s nightlife with laser shows or karaoke.

Day 03: Zoom through central Japan on a high-speed bullet train headed for Kanazawa. Renowned for its 17th-century Kenroku-en gardens and as the birthplace of the Samurai, the city boasts well-preserved Samurai and Geisha districts, historic temples, and vibrant markets. After settling into your hotel, consider a visit to Kenroku-en Garden and Kanazawa Castle Park. Enjoy the evening at your leisure, wandering the streets and savoring Kanazawa’s izakayas and renowned fresh seafood.

Day 04: Discover Kanazawa by strolling through the enchanting Higashi Chaya district today. Immerse yourself in the charm of Geisha while navigating narrow alleys and exploring traditional Chaya houses, where tradition, feasts, and entertainment converge. For tea enthusiasts, savor a traditional tea ceremony at a local tea house. The rest of the afternoon is yours to explore at your leisure.

Day 05: Embark on a scenic train journey through the Japanese Alps to reach Kyoto, the former imperial capital and a captivating city with over 2000 temples, shrines, and gardens. Navigate the city effortlessly with its efficient bus network, exploring iconic sites like the golden Kinkaku-ji Temple or the historic Nijo Castle with its unique ‘nightingale floors.’ As evening falls, join your guide for a stroll through Gion, Kyoto’s enchanting district at the core of Geisha culture.

Day 06: Embark on a morning stroll with your guide through the enchanting woods of Inari Mountain. Discover the renowned Shinto ‘fox temple’ and captivating red torii gates, a paradise for photography enthusiasts. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon to explore, with personalized recommendations from your guide. Opt for an affordable bike rental to navigate the city. In Kyoto for your final night, savor the delights of Kyo-ryori (Kyoto cuisine) or wander through the Nishiki food market. Embrace Japanese tradition with a lively karaoke session to showcase your singing prowess.

Day 07: Explore Hiroshima’s vibrant cityscape, marked by a poignant past. Board a bullet train this morning to reach this bustling metropolis. Your guide will lead you to the Peace Park and the A-Bomb Dome ruins, stark reminders of the devastating atomic bomb incident in 1945. The Peace Park features monuments and a poignant museum dedicated to Hiroshima and global peace. Enjoy a free afternoon to unwind or continue your city exploration. Don’t miss out on Hiroshima’s iconic dish – okonomiyaki, a delectable savory pancake grilled before your eyes on a sizzling hotplate.

Day 08: Embark on a journey by local train and ferry to explore Miyajima Island, renowned for its iconic ‘floating’ Torii Gate and majestic Itsukushima-jinja Shrine. Hike to Mt Misen’s summit for breathtaking views of the expansive Inland Sea. Keep an eye out for friendly yet always hungry deer during your island adventure. Return to Hiroshima and savor a leisurely evening.

Day 09: Hop on a high-speed train to Osaka today and conclude your journey in a city that lives by the motto ‘guidance’ – indulge until you can’t anymore! Osaka, hailed as Japan’s culinary hub, boasts narrow alleys lined with diverse eateries and bars offering local delights. Explore Japan’s fast-food phenomenon at its birthplace, as Osaka takes credit for the inaugural kaiten-zushi (conveyor belt sushi) restaurants. Join a guided walk through the vibrant Dotombori district, renowned for its shopping and entertainment. After sunset, witness the district come alive with a kaleidoscope of neon lights. For dinner, savor the Osaka specialty, takoyaki (grilled octopus).

Day 10: No scheduled events today; feel free to check out whenever you’re ready. Interested in extending your stay to experience Universal Studios or Osaka’s vibrant nightlife? Simply coordinate with your booking agent in advance.

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