Inca Trail Express

Inca Trail Express

 Day 01: Greetings! Step into the enchanting world of Peru. If you arrive early, there’s a plethora of captivating experiences awaiting you in this stunning country. Your journey kicks off in Cusco with a welcoming gathering at 2 pm, introducing you to your trip leader and fellow adventurers. Following that, immerse yourself in the charm of this city with a guided walking tour, exploring both popular attractions and hidden gems like the Qoricancha temple, San Pedro market, the main square, the 12 Angled Stone, Regocijo Square, and San Blas Square. The evening is yours to explore independently or join your group for a delightful dinner featuring local Peruvian favorites.

Day 02: Embark on a morning drive through the timeless Sacred Valley, known as Wilcamayo to the Incas. Witness terraced walls adorned with maize crops and a sacred river flowing below. Indulge in lunch within a local community, immersing yourself in their traditional lifestyle and perhaps picking up a few Quechua words. Explore a vibrant market if it’s market day, discovering local handicrafts like beads and ponchos. Later, savor afternoon tea at AMA Restaurant in Urubamba, supporting single mothers in the valley. Delight in organic and locally sourced treats, like vegan beet cake, before continuing your journey to Ollantaytambo. Optionally, explore the fascinating archaeological site overlooking the modern settlement.

Day 03: Embark on a unique journey over the next four days, exploring different routes to Machu Picchu. Choose between hiking the Inca Trail, trekking the Quarry Trail, or enjoying two days in Cusco before taking a train to Aguas Calientes. Your luggage will be securely stored, and if you’re trekking, a small duffle bag with essentials will be provided. Porters will handle the bags, ensuring a hassle-free experience. For Route 1, traverse uphill to the campsite at 3100 m, catching glimpses of Inca sites and Veronica Peak. Route 2 unveils hidden tombs and exclusive experiences in the Soqma Perolniyoc region. Route 3 includes a visit to Pisac’s vibrant market and a delightful drive back to Cusco. Each route promises a distinct adventure to Machu Picchu.

Day 04:

  • Route 1: Ascend the challenging Inca Trail, conquering the ‘Dead Woman’s Pass’ at 4200 m for breathtaking valley views, then descend to the Pacaymayo Valley campsite at 3650 m.
  • Route 2: Experience the most rewarding day of the Quarry Trail with a 3-hour climb to Puccaqasa’s first pass at 4370 m. Enjoy lunch, trek to Kuychicassa at 4450 m, descend to the sacred Intipunku sun gate with views of Nevado Veronica and reach the campsite at 3600 m.
  • Route 3: Explore Cusco by taxi to Tambomachay, embark on a 2 to 3-hour walk back, stopping at archaeological sites like Puka Pukara and Saksaywaman. Return to Cusco in the early afternoon, with free time to visit art galleries or enjoy dinner.

Day 05: Inca Trail Adventure Options:

  1. Pacaymayo Peaks Route: Ascend through Pacaymayo Valley to Runkuracay Pass (3980 m), relishing Cordillera Vilcabamba’s snow-capped beauty. Descend 2-3 hours to Sayacmarca’s ruins, then cross the third pass to Phuyupatamarca at 3850 m. Enjoy a 2-hour descent via Inca steps to the Winay Wayna campsite.

  2. Quarry Trail Descent: Embark on a downhill trek to the Kachiqata quarry, a historical site where the Incas encountered the Spanish. Explore Ollantaytambo’s cobblestone streets before a brief train journey to Aguas Calientes, where you’ll spend the night before exploring Machu Picchu.

  3. Train Expedition to Aguas Calientes: Drive 1.5 hours to Ollantaytambo, meet fellow hikers from the Quarry Trail, and board a 1.5-hour train through Urubamba Valley to Aguas Calientes. Nestled in the cloud forest, spend the night in a hotel before the Machu Picchu visit.

Day 06: Embark on the awe-inspiring Route 1 Inca Trail, the grand finale of your journey to Machu Picchu. Rise before dawn for a 4 am breakfast, bid farewell to the porters, and commence the 2.5-hour trek to Intipunku, the Sun Gate. Weather permitting, relish unforgettable views of the ‘Lost City of the Incas’ as you enter Machu Picchu. Routes 2 and 3 lead you from Machu Picchu to Cusco. Hop on an early 6:00 am bus to Machu Picchu, a 1440 AD Incan retreat. Explore the ruins on a guided tour, capture endless memories, then bus to Aguas Calientes for lunch. Conclude your adventure with a scenic train ride to Ollantaytambo and a drive back to Cusco by evening.

Day 07: As your journey concludes today with no scheduled activities, feel free to extend your stay by consulting your booking agent. Enhance your experience by acquiring a Boleto Turistico, granting entry to intriguing museums like the Contemporary Art Museum, Regional History Museum, and Qosqo Native Art Museum. Contact your tour leader for additional information.

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