Ancient Wonders and Majestic Andean Peaks

Ancient Wonders and Majestic Andean Peaks

 Day 01: Feel free to arrive at your convenience and mingle with your group in Barranco, an eclectic neighborhood. Grab a craft beer at a local spot to kick off the excitement for the upcoming adventure. No set plans, so check in at the hotel (around 3 pm) and explore the city.

Join an optional dinner after the welcome meeting, or find a message from the CEO if you arrive late. For those taking the Lima Cooking Class, consider booking pre-trip accommodation for extra time. The class includes a market visit, meal prep, and dining, starting around 10:00 (10:30 from Aug-Dec), with a return to the hotel by 13:00.

Day 02: Hop on a nearby bus and cruise along the coastline, traversing the desert en route to Nazca.

Day 03: Embark on Nazca adventures: Soar above the iconic Nazca Lines or wander through the Nazca Desert Cemetery and Potter’s Studio. Wrap up the day with a classic “Pachamanca” dinner, then board the overnight bus to Arequipa.

Day 04: Discover Arequipa, the enchanting ‘white city’! Uncover the past at the Santa Catalina Monastery for a fascinating journey into history and architecture. Spice up your day by indulging in the vibrant flavors of local delights at a ‘picantería’—savor alpaca, shrimp, pork, hearty soups, and zesty sauces!

Day 05: Embark on a thrilling full-day journey through the breathtaking Colca Valley, reaching the awe-inspiring depths of the Colca Canyon, among the world’s deepest. Witness the graceful flight of Andean condors against the stunning backdrop of the Andes. Stay overnight for a chance to spot unique wildlife and rejuvenate in the soothing hot springs. Experience nature’s wonders in a single adventure!

Day 06: Begin your day early and keep an eye out for the majestic condors. The journey from Chivay to a condor viewpoint for a breathtaking sight of these magnificent birds soaring through the sky. En route back, explore charming local villages, and witness ancient terraces. Conclude your day with an overnight bus ride to Cusco.

Day 07: Explore Cusco at your leisure on a free day. Enhance your experience with a pre-booked Cusco Cooking Class. Alternatively, indulge in mountain biking or unwind at a local café.

Note: Opting for the Cusco Cooking Class includes a hotel pickup at around 12:30. Immerse yourself in a local market, prepare, and savor a traditional Peruvian meal at a restaurant, returning to your hotel by 16:00.

Day 08: Embark on a journey to the Sacred Valley and explore the G-Adventures-backed women’s weaving co-op in Ccaccaccollo. Discover the art of weaving, encounter charming llamas, and grab a unique knitted souvenir. Extend your cultural experience with an overnight homestay in the heart of the Ccaccaccollo community.

Day 09: Explore the breathtaking Sacred Valley of the Incas with a choice of a guided tour. Discover the remarkable Pisac ruins, vibrant artisan market (available on market days), and the expansive Ollantaytambo ruin site near the charming town of the same name. Take a moment to relax in Ollantaytambo before gearing up for an invigorating hike the following morning.

Day 10: Embark on your trek from Ollantaytambo to km 82, surrounded by ever-changing flora and stunning landscapes. Discover hidden ruins like Llactapata along the way. Enjoy the journey hassle-free, as our local crew manages all logistics. With porters handling the bulk, you can focus on a light daypack with essentials – water, rain gear, snacks, and your camera.

Day 11: Embark on an early adventure to conquer the challenging ascent to Warmiwañusca, also known as Dead Woman’s Pass, the trek’s pinnacle at 4,198m (13,769 ft). Arrive at camp by early afternoon for some well-deserved relaxation.

Day 12: Embark on a journey through two captivating passes and ancient remains. The initial Runquraqay pass, standing tall at 3,950m (13,113 ft), offers a breathtaking panorama of the snow-kissed Cordillera Vilcabamba. Traverse a cloud forest, exploring original Incan structures on the way to the second pass, reaching 3,700m (12,136 ft). Marvel at the stunning Urubamba Valley views on clear days.

Descend to the enchanting ruins of Phuyupatamarca at 3,650m (11,972 ft), often referred to as the “town above the clouds.” Choose to camp here or venture another 1.5 hrs to the Wiñay Wayna ruins (“forever young”) nestled at 2,650m (8,694 ft).

Day 13: The final day of the hike starts pre-dawn to reach the Sun Gate before sunrise. Wake up around 03:30 and walk to the checkpoint. Catch the first views of the breathtaking ruins of Machu Picchu on a clear day. Hike down to Machu Picchu for a guided tour of the site. Catch the bus to Aguas Calientes before your train back to Cusco in the afternoon. Tonight, dance the night away at a popular nightclub.

Day 14: Leave whenever you wish.

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