Jewel of the Nile

Jewel of the Nile

 Day 01: Upon your arrival at Cairo International Airport, our dedicated representative eagerly awaits to greet you and guide you seamlessly through the necessary procedures.

Embark on a journey to your selected hotel, where you’ll rendezvous with your knowledgeable guide for an insightful briefing on the upcoming adventure. Enjoy a restful overnight stay at your Cairo accommodation.

Day 02: Following our morning meal, we embark on an exploration, commencing with a visit to the magnificent Great Pyramids and the Sphinx nestled atop the Giza Plateau. Our journey then leads us to Sakkara, where we delve into the fascinating history surrounding the Step Pyramid, an ancient marvel and the inaugural pyramid to be completed in Egypt. Additionally, we uncover the secrets held within Pharaonic tombs. As night falls, we traverse to Aswan aboard a comfortable air-conditioned bus.

Indulge in a complimentary breakfast to kickstart your day.

*For those seeking an extra touch of luxury: consider upgrading to a swift flight from Cairo to Aswan or opt for a more leisurely journey on a sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan.

Day 03: Upon reaching Aswan, our dedicated representative eagerly awaits your arrival, ready to escort you to your hotel. Embark on an enchanting journey with a visit to the Philae Temple, a symbol of romance nestled on a captivating island. Accessible by a charming motorboat ride, the temple’s stunning setting promises a truly awe-inspiring approach.

Enjoy an overnight stay aboard your luxurious 5-star Nile Cruise, where both lunch and dinner are thoughtfully included to enhance your experience.

Day 04: Embark on a leisurely voyage down the majestic Nile, where you can unwind on the deck, immersing yourself in the rural scenes along the shores and witnessing the ever-changing panorama of this powerful river. Today’s highlight is the exploration of the symmetrical marvel that is the temple of Kom Ombo, boasting twin entrances that command a breathtaking view of the riverside. As you continue your journey along the Nile towards Luxor, a city often hailed as the world’s most remarkable open-air museum, prepare to encounter some of the most imposing monuments that have endured through the ages from ancient Thebes. Luxuriate in the comfort of your 5-star Nile Cruise for an unforgettable overnight experience.

Indulge in a delectable spread with inclusive breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

*For those seeking an extraordinary experience: Opt for an additional adventure to visit Abu Simbel – the awe-inspiring Sun Temple of Ramses the Great, situated at the southernmost tip of ancient Egypt’s historic boundaries.

Day 05: Following a delightful morning meal, we find ourselves in Luxor, kicking off the day with an exploration of the East Bank of the Nile. Embark on a journey through the colossal Karnak Temple, hailed by many as Egypt’s paramount Pharaonic marvel – a testament to the nation’s historical grandeur. Our adventure continues to the splendid Luxor Temple, where the awe-inspiring Avenue of Sphinxes welcomes visitors. Unwind in your 5-star Nile Cruise’s opulence, savoring included breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals.

Day 06: Following our morning meal, we embark on an enchanting journey through Luxor’s West Bank, commencing our exploration at the renowned Valley of the Kings—an unparalleled archaeological treasure trove. Subsequently, we marvel at the awe-inspiring Temple of Hatshepsut (Deir al-Bahri), a testament to the singular reign of the only woman to ascend to the throne as pharaoh in ancient Egypt. Our odyssey concludes with a visit to the majestic Colossi of Memnon, the sole remnants of Amenophis III’s once-grand temple.

Next, we board an air-conditioned bus bound for the vibrant city of Hurghada along the shores of the Red Sea, where we will spend the night at your chosen hotel.

Your package includes both breakfast and dinner for a truly delightful culinary experience.

Day 07: Indulge in a day of boundless possibilities, free for you to savor at your own pace. Whether you’re drawn to the allure of snorkeling, the refreshing embrace of a swim, the exhilaration of scuba diving, or the pleasure of delectable cuisine and drinks, the options are abundant. Revel in the myriad activities or unwind effortlessly under the radiant sun. Your night will be graciously hosted at your Hurghada Hotel, where you can bask in the comforts of your surroundings. The package includes a delightful spread of breakfast, lunch, and dinner to ensure a truly satisfying experience.

Day 08:  Upon your arrival in Cairo, you’ll be whisked away to your hotel for a delightful start. Embark on a captivating exploration of the vibrant City of Cairo, commencing at the renowned Egyptian Museum, where the splendid artifacts from the tomb of King Tutankhamun await your admiration. Next, venture into the enchanting labyrinth of Khan El Khalili, the ancient Cairo Bazaar, where intriguing alleyways host an array of souvenir stalls and charming coffee shops. Your overnight retreat at the Cairo Hotel promises a restful stay, complete with a delectable breakfast to kickstart your day.

Day 09: Following your morning meal, proceed to the airport. Carry the cherished moments of your escapades with you as you embark on your journey homeward.

Complimentary breakfast is provided.

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