Matterhorn Circuit

Matterhorn Circuit

 Day 01: At 9 am sharp (exact timing to be confirmed), we’ll meet up with the group in St. Niklaus for a briefing with our guide before embarking on the ‘Tour du Cervin’, our thrilling 6-day trek. Day one promises a challenging start, with an uphill journey through breathtaking mountain pastures offering panoramic views of 4000m peaks from Saas-Fee. Our path leads us to the Augsbordpass pass (2894m/9495ft) before descending into the enchanting Turtmann Valley through dense forest. Tonight, we rest in Grüben.
Ascending: +938m/3077ft
Descending: -1075m/3527ft.

Day 02: Today’s hike leads us to the alpine chalets nestled in the Chalteberg high mountain pasture, offering breathtaking vistas of the Turtmann glacier. Our route takes us through either the Forcletaz Pass (2874m/9429ft) or the Meidpass (2799m/983ft), marking the linguistic transition from German to French-speaking Switzerland. We’ll traverse the scenic pastures of Nava and Barneuza, then explore the quaint villages of Zinal and Grimmentz in the Zinal Valley before resting for the night in St Jean.
Ascending: +1056m/3465ft
Descending: -1239m/4065ft.

Day 03: Today’s journey takes us beside the breathtaking Moiry lake, then onward to the Tsaté Pass (2868m/9409ft). This challenging trek involves several climbs and descents en route to Haudères in the Val d’Hérens. Amidst the flowered meadows, we’ll be enveloped by the renowned peaks of Zinalrothorn, Obergabelhorn, Weisshorn, and Dent Blanche, all towering above 4000m.
Ascending: +971m/3185ft
Descending: -1244m/4081ft.

Day 04:Today’s journey takes us from the Bertol hut to Plan de Bertol, unveiling the majestic Arolla Glacier. Traversing the glacier’s gentle slope, no technical gear is necessary. This path holds historical significance, once serving as a vital route between Switzerland and Italy via the Collon Pass (3074m/10085ft). Our route leads us into the enchanting Aosta Valley, where we’re greeted by the picturesque Italian village of Prarayer and the stunning emerald waters of Lake Place Moulin. Our night’s rest awaits at the Prarayer hut.
Ascending: +1034m/3392ft
Descending: -1064m/3491ft.

Day 05: Today’s leg of the journey takes us into the rugged alpine wilderness, far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern life. It’s the longest and most demanding stage of the tour, characterized by technical terrain. Using metal ladders, we scale the heights to reach the Valcournera pass at 3066m/10,059ft. Traversing stunning waterfalls and crossing the tumultuous Cignana stream, we finally arrive at the breathtaking ‘Finestra di Cignana’, where the majestic Matterhorn dominates the scenery. Tonight, our rest is nestled at the base of the towering limestone pyramid.
Ascending: +1062 m/3484ft
Descending: -1133m/3717ft
This stage promises both challenge and awe-inspiring beauty.

Day 06: Today we ascend by cable car to the Théodule pass, which brings us back to Switzerland. We have views of the Matterhorn all day as we descend using the most famous passage of the western Alps and arrive at the resort town of Zermatt (around 4 pm), a highlight of the day. As Zermatt is a pedestrian zone, by taxi to Tasch just along the valley (to collect luggage). Depending on your fitness and weather/mountain conditions, there may be an option to ascend the summit of Breithorn (4165m) today, one of the most climbed +4000m peaks in the western Alps. This involves some organization on your guide’s behalf with respect to engaging a UIAGM-qualified mountain guide and climbing equipment. The additional cost is approximately EUR500 shared by groups of 1-5 people which includes the mountaineering guide, crampons, harness, group climbing equipment, and one-way cable car fare. This must be paid for in cash locally. There are some technical aspects to the climb requiring care and attention at all times. The decision not to ascend will be at your guide’s discretion based on current conditions and your fitness. Those not ascending Breithorn will descend with your walking guide.
Descending: -1645m/5397ft

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