Kilimanjaro trekking​

TRIP GRADE: Moderate To Challenging
SEASON: Jan & Feb
ALTITUDE: 5895 mtrs /19340 ft

 Day 01: Arrival Day in Moshi. Rest and enjoy sunset views of Kilimanjaro. Orientation, dinner, and hydration for the upcoming trek.

Day 02: Hiking Mileage: 3.1 miles (5km)
Elevation Gain/Loss: Minimal
Trekking Duration: ~3 hours
Driving Time: 1 hour

After breakfast, we head to Materuni for a light acclimatization hike to a stunning 220-ft waterfall. Lunch by the falls, and then we explore a coffee plantation, tasting fresh coffee served by the local Chagga people. Rest up for tomorrow’s expedition.

Day 03: Hiking Mileage: 4.1 miles (6.6km)
Elevation Gain: 2,075 feet (632m)
Elevation Loss: 50 feet (15m)
Trekking Duration: 3-4 hours

Embarking on Kilimanjaro expedition. Drove to Nale Moru, had lunch, met crew. Hiked through forests, saw wildlife. Reached Simba Camp (8,650’/2,636m) with views of Kenyan plains. Dinner and rest.

Day 04: Hiking Mileage: 3.5 miles (5.6km)
Elevation Gain: 2,765 feet (843m)
Trekking Duration: 3-4 hours

Wake up to hot drink and warm wash. Nutritious breakfast. Head to Second Cave Camp (11,415’/3,480m), enjoy views. Afternoon walks for acclimatization. Focus on self-care, acclimatization, and slow ascent.

Day 05: Hiking Mileage: 3.6 miles (5.8km)
Elevation Gain: 1,060 feet (323m)
Elevation Loss: 415 feet (126m)
Trekking Duration: 4 hours

Morning drinks, full breakfast, pack up. Hike to Mawenzi peaks, explore caves. Push to Kikelewa Camp (12,175’/3,711m) for lunch. Afternoon acclimatization hike. Spectacular views, sunset. Dinner, briefing, health check by guide.

Day 06: Hiking Mileage: 2.2 miles (3.5km)
Elevation Gain: 2,080 feet (634m)
Elevation Loss: 30 feet (9m)
Trekking Duration: 4-5 hours

After breakfast, depart to Mawenzi Tarn camp (14,120’/4,304m). Short hike, reach camp before lunch. Stunning views. Acclimatization hike, wash up, dinner at camp.

Day 07: Hiking Mileage: 5.2 miles (8.4km)
Elevation Gain: 1,720 feet (524m)
Elevation Loss: 400 feet (122m)
Trekking Duration: 6 hours

Early departure, stunning views of Mawenzi and Kibo Peaks after breakfast. Slow trek across high-altitude desert to Kibo Hut (15,425’/4,702m). Lunch, rest, early dinner at basecamp. Briefing and health check. Sleep before summit attempt. Waking up at 11:30 pm for hot drinks, snacks, and ascent to Uruhu Peak.

Day 08: Hiking Mileage: 6 miles (9.7km)
Elevation Gain/Loss: 4,050 feet (1,235m)

Summit attempt, minimal gear. Clear starry sky. Hike to Gillman’s Point (18,652’/5,685m), traverse to Stella Point (18,885’/5,756m). Final ascent to Uhuru Peak (19,341’/5,895m). Photos, soak in achievement. Memorable sunrise view. Descend to basecamp.

Kibo Hut to Horombo Hut Hike:
Hiking Mileage: 5.6 miles (9km)
Elevation Gain: 80 feet (24m)
Elevation Loss: 3,190 feet (972m)
Trekking Duration: 10-14 hours (Summit & hike to camp combined here)

Arrive at basecamp, rest, lunch. 3-hour descent to Horombo camp (12,300’/3,749m) via Marangu route.
Note: Long day, guests are tired.

Day 09: Hiking Mileage: 12.1 miles (19.5km)
Elevation Gain: 220 feet (67m)
Elevation Loss: 6,350 feet (1,935m)
Trekking Duration: 6-8 hours

Last day of Kilimanjaro trek. Long hike, changing landscape. Stop at Mandara Huts, encounter Blue and Colobus monkeys. Descend to Marangu gate. Hot lunch, summit achievers get certificates. Farewell to mountain crew with songs and dancing. Overnight at Kilimanjaro Wonders Hotel, celebratory dinner.

Day 10: You will be transported back to Kilimanjaro International Airport today.

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