Day 01: Arrive in Addis Ababa and be greeted by our team at the airport before heading to your hotel. Take a brief break and then join your guide in the hotel lobby for an exciting city tour. Dive into Marketo, Africa’s largest open-air market, visit the National Museum to encounter Lucy’s 3.2 million-year-old humanoid remains, explore the Saint Trinity Cathedral, and ascend Mount Entoto for a breathtaking view of Addis Ababa.

Day 02: Begin your day with a swift Ethiopian Airlines flight to Gondar. After checking in at the hotel, embark on a city tour of this ancient destination, once the Ethiopian capital in the 17th century. Explore the remarkable 17th-century royal enclosure, Fasiledes Bath, and the historic Debrebrhan Selassie Church.

Day 03: Embark on a morning journey to Simien Mountain National Park, where the enchanting Gelada baboons await your gaze. Marvel not only at these unique creatures but also at the breathtaking landscapes that grace the park. Return to Gondar after this unforgettable experience.

Day 04: In the morning, catch a quick 30-minute flight to Lalibela. Once you arrive, check-in at the hotel, then explore the captivating first cluster of Lalibela’s ancient rock-hewn churches after a brief break.

Day 05: Explore the second set of Lalibela’s rock-hewn churches in the morning, and later, embark on a one-hour trek to the renowned Asheten Maryam church on the outskirts of Lalibela. Return to town after the visit.

Day 06: In the morning, we embark on a 60-minute flight from Lalibela to Semera, with a layover in Addis Ababa.

Day 07: Embarking from Semera at dawn, our journey unfolds towards Dallol, offering breathtaking scenery and numerous opportunities for memorable snapshots. As the day progresses, we’ll explore a stunning salt lake, graced by a captivating sunset.

Day 08: At dawn, our journey begins with a visit to the vibrant sulfur fields of Dallol, the salt mountain, and a bubbling potash lake. Later, we’ll embark on a drive to reach the Ertale volcano, reaching its rim by evening. As the sun sets, we’ll explore the volcano and camp overnight in its proximity.

Day 09: Embarking from Ertale at dawn, our journey to Semera includes a stop at the rejuvenating hot springs of Lake Afdera. After a revitalizing swim, we continue our drive to Semera, followed by a swift 1-hour flight back to Addis Ababa.

Day 10: At 7:40 in the early morning, we board a domestic flight (Ethiopian Airlines, flight #ET171) to Jinka, landing at 9:50. Upon arrival, our driver awaits to take us to the Mursi tribe village, known for the distinctive lip plates worn by women as a symbol of beauty. After exploring the Mursi tribes, we head back to Jinka for lunch before driving to Turmi. En route, we explore the tribal market at Alduba village. In the late afternoon, we visit the Hamar tribe in Turmi, renowned for their unique Bull Jumping rites of passage practiced by all Hamar men.

Day 11: Embarking on a unique journey today, we’ll explore two fascinating tribes: the Karo and Nyangatom. Nestled along the powerful Omo River, the Karo, renowned as body painting masters, showcases their vibrant traditions. Next, we’ll venture to the Nyangatom, Nilotic agro-pastoralists known for captivating storytelling, soulful singing, and striking body decoration. As our cultural odyssey concludes, we’ll return to Jinka for an overnight stay.

Day 12: At 9:25 AM, we’ll board Ethiopian Airlines flight #ET171, heading to Addis Ababa and landing at 11:45. Following a lunch break, we’ll catch flight #ET260 departing Addis Ababa at 14:40, reaching Mekelle by 16:10. In the late afternoon, a walking tour awaits in Mekelle, the vibrant capital of Tigray.

Day 13: Embarking from Mekelle at dawn, our journey leads to Axum, a venerable city dating back three millennia. Renowned as the cradle of Ethiopian civilization, Axum boasts ancient palaces, archaeological wonders, and iconic sites like the Axum stele. Our day unfolds with a visit to the revered church of Saint Mary Zion, where legend holds the original Ark of the Covenant finds its eternal repose.

Day 14: Morning marks our return journey to Mekelle, followed by a quick stopover before catching a flight to Addis Ababa. Enjoy an evening farewell dinner featuring live Ethiopian traditional dance and music. Finally, head to the airport, aligned with your flight schedule, concluding our memorable journey.

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