Day 01: Come at your convenience; no scheduled events until the evening welcome gathering.

Day 02: Embark on a revealing journey through Cambodia’s haunting history on a guided tour of Choeung Ek’s Killing Fields and the infamous Tuol Sleng Prison. Uncover the dark chapters of the Khmer Rouge regime.

Later in the day, immerse yourself in Phnom Penh’s vibrant charm with free time to explore iconic landmarks like the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda, National Museum, Russian Market, or Wat Phnom.

Day 03: Embark on a captivating voyage from Phnom Penh to the enchanting colonial charm of Battambang. Consider venturing into the scenic countryside. Upon reaching your destination, immerse yourself in the riverside city, indulging in a few hours of exploration before a delightful dinner awaits.

Day 04: Embark on an adventure to the heart of the Khmer Empire, ready to discover the mesmerizing Angkor Wat complex. Delight in a Khmer culinary experience through a cooking class, relishing the delicious outcomes during a relaxed lunch. Later, journey to Siem Reap in the afternoon.

Day 05: Witness the dawn at the awe-inspiring Angkor temple complex on a guided tour. Embark on a full-day adventure with a local guide, optimizing your visit by arriving at sunrise, and enjoying the cooler morning hours for exploration. Take a break in town during the heat of the day and return to the site for a captivating sunset and additional discovery.

Day 06: Discover Angkor Wat or venture beyond Siem Reap on a leisurely day. Relish a Khmer feast at the G Adventures-backed New Hope initiative.

Day 07: Embark on a journey to the elusive realm of Irrawaddy dolphins. Cruise along the majestic Mekong River in Kratie, where endangered dolphins gracefully reveal themselves on an inclusive boat expedition. In the afternoon, set forth with local boatmen to catch a glimpse of the rare Irrawaddy freshwater dolphins in their natural habitat.

Day 08: Explore Kampong Cham’s charm by visiting the Jayavarman VII Bridge, a silk farm, and rubber tree plantations. Bike through Mekong villages or discover rustic temples. In Cambodia’s third-largest city, Kampong Cham, rent a bike for a riverside adventure, encounter friendly locals, or explore the ancient Vat Nokor temple from the 11th century.

Day 09: Explore Kampot, renowned for its exquisite Kampot pepper, and the stunning Bokor National Park.

Day 10: Explore the charms of Kampot on your leisure day. Whether it’s a trip to Rabbit Island, savoring the renowned Kampot peppers, or indulging in a seafood banquet in Kep, the choices are yours to savor.

Day 11: Head to Sihanoukville and embark on a delightful boat journey to your exclusive haven on Koh Rong. After checking in, revel in a refreshing swim amidst the balmy waves and unwind with a beachside beverage.

Explore Koh Rong’s culinary delights with a seafood feast or simply lounge in a beach chair, letting the gentle waves caress your feet.

Please be aware that the itinerary might be altered during the monsoon season (June to October) due to weather conditions. In case travel to Koh Rong is impeded by heavy rains, we’ll arrange alternative activities and accommodations in a nearby town.

Day 12: Indulge in aquatic adventures, unwind seaside, or try your hand at fishing, hiking, or kayaking. Experience the enchantment of moonless nights with a dip in a luminous sea, illuminated by phosphorescent plankton. Accommodations on Koh Rong include twin-share private beach huts. Keep it simple on the island with basic amenities—rooms cooled by fans, no air-conditioning, and no onsite laundry service.

Day 13: Explore Phnom Penh with a charming cyclo tour and savor a refreshing drink at a riverside café during your leisure time.

Day 14: Leave whenever you please.

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