Day 01: Welcome to Mexico City! Join us at 6 pm for a welcome meeting to meet your tour leader and group. Check with the hotel reception for details. After the meeting, savor authentic tacos at a local restaurant, paired with a local beer or horchata.

Day 02: Explore San Pedro Tlahuac, a unique enclave preserving ancient Nahuatl traditions and home to the last surviving canals and chinampa farms from the Aztec era. Begin your journey in a local kitchen, witnessing the creation of fresh tortillas before heading to the market. Board a trajinera for a 30-minute canal ride to the colorful chinampas. A Nahuatl farmer will guide you through the crops, sharing insights on chinampa cultivation. Collect vegetables for a fresh salad, complemented by tortillas and hibiscus tea. Conclude the day with a trajinera ride back to Mexico City, leaving time for leisure activities like exploring Chapultepec Park or visiting the homes of Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Day 03: Explore a renowned bakery in Mexico City, then embark on a walking tour of Centro Historico, taking in landmarks like Bellas Artes Palace and Zocalo Square. Visit Mercado San Juan and savor local street food. Later, catch a bus to Puebla for a culinary adventure, sampling dishes like chiles en nogada and indulging in Pueblan street food on Calle de los Dulces. Don’t forget to try the cinnamon-dusted churros!

Day 04: Take a bus to Oaxaca, known as the ‘land of the seven moles’. Visit Mercado 20 de Noviembre for a delicious lunch, especially the Oaxacan specialty, tlayudas. Explore Mercado Benito Juarez for a variety of produce, mole spices, and Oaxacan cheese. Spend the rest of the day wandering the markets, people-watching in the zocalo, or strolling through Oaxaca’s charming streets.

Day 05: Explore Monte Alban’s ancient ceremonial center on your free day, marveling at its terraces, pyramids, and more. Indulge your sweet tooth at chocolate shops on Calle Mina, discovering the secrets of Oaxacan chocolate. In the evening, join a local chef for a market visit, where you’ll gather ingredients and learn to craft authentic Oaxacan dishes for a delightful dinner.

Day 06: Today, step beyond Oaxaca to uncover regional life. Begin at the ancient Mitla ruins, a significant Zapotec archaeological site and former religious hub. For lunch, visit the bustling Mercado Tlacolula, known for its barbacoa. On the return journey, drop by a mezcaleria, where the Oaxacan-produced mezcal awaits – a potent choice best enjoyed neat!

Day 07: Embark on a morning bus ride to Huatulco for a scenic journey with a lunch stop. Explore the tranquil beaches of this less crowded town on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Your leader will guide you through a local supermarket, offering a glimpse into modern Mexican food habits. Indulge in coastal cuisine with a seafood dinner at a nearby restaurant in the evening.

Day 08: Savor the laid-back vibe of Huatulco today. Relax on the beach, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, or raise a glass of mezcal to your adventure. In the evening, join a cooking class to create and relish a traditional Oaxacan coastal meal. Indulge in a memorable dinner featuring delicious seafood and gain some new culinary skills.

Day 09: Today marks the conclusion of your journey, with no scheduled activities on the final day.

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